Review: Chloe Boulez

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Posted: August, 2011 by ZIGGY440

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Session Location

Hotel downtown

General Details

Another dream come...

Chloe seems to be this month's Chicago It girl, the one we all want to, and should, see. Sweet, smart, smoking sexy. Non-VIPs, go, see, enjoy her loveliness and (special) talent.

Scheduling was easy, all through email. We went back and forth to get the screening and scheduling done once she let me know she had an incall set up (I saw her as she transitioned from outcall only - thanks for doing incalls, Chloe!). The exchange was prompt, flirty, friendly and organized, so I already could tell I was dealing with a woman with some smarts and who is serious about having fun, all good things.

She texted me the hotel info before I even called as I arrived at the location, so up I went. Door opened to a lovely lady in a black dress and panties, and the rest is in the details, except I will say that Chloe is surely prettier than her pictures. Her photos are in a certain style, to make her look a little more quirky, perhaps younger than she is. IMO, those are a decent expression of her personality, but her look is more sultry, sexy, longer and I am pretty sure she could even do glamorous pretty well though that is not really her style. More friendly girl next door who loves fun than glamor girl, but she seems the type who can and will play a lot of different roles. Just my impression, though.

Yeah, I like her.

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