Review: Tashizelle Monroe

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Posted: August, 2017 by KRIS_LONDON

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I came across her website which was completely different to anything that I had ever read. It was thought provoking and at the same time with a hint of sexual curiosity.

She was offering something new and something that I had been looking for, for a while and she didn't disappoint.

The place in which she practises is very up market and fits her persona to a 't'.

We sat and discussed some of the issues that I had been facing for the last couple of months and her advice was incredibly as she made me become aware of new ideas that I wouldn't have thought of by myself. It felt incredibly comfortable speaking to her and I found it easier to relax in her presence. She put me at ease.

To look at she is sexy, feline and captivating. She has a firm and sexual demeanour with her attitude, naughty, sensual and she moved across the room with grace. She is incredibly comfortable in her own skin. When she speaks to you its with an openness which is warmly received.

If there were any doubts about coming to her place they are quickly gone.

The most important part of our session was incredible and life changing. I new experience of her introducing me to her unique tantric rituals which I now practice every morning to great effect and has increased my sexual energy levels. I'm able to maintain my stamina a lot longer when I'm with my girlfriend and pleasure whilst pleasing myself. Its a gift that keep on giving.

It has also transformed my interactions with other women as not only can I can relax in their presence, I really enjoy the interactions.

I will be going back in the future for further interactions.

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