Review: Tashizelle Monroe

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Posted: August, 2017 by HANDSUMGENT

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Imagine you're in the midst of a street carnival, with goddesses dancing, singing, and otherwise parading through the festive atmosphere. You find the sounds, smells, sights, and overall mood intoxicating. There is one goddess which draws your attention, one that brings back memories of the great Greek mythology. Her dance is almost hypnotic, her body perfect, her hair and face so beautiful it is hard to look away. Momentarily she makes eye contact, and her smile suggests you may approach. You are drawn to her, but she keeps dancing, flowing so eloquently, almost as if she was floating above the street, away from you. Unintentionally, you follow her, and although in a strange land, you feel safety in her dance, a calmness that dreams are made of. The carnival music dims in the distance as you continue down the boulevard, but you still follow. She enters a building, leaving the door open, as if to invite you in. You follow her into the building, through the lobby into a delightful apartment. Without speaking, she closes the door, takes off your shoes, and offers you a drink. You go to speak, but she signals there is no speaking to be had. You Goddess now turns her attention on you, as if she was worshiping the earth and all the energies present at the carnival before, but now her worship is focused solely on you.

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