Review: Lilly Kink

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Posted: December, 2022 by LINEARUP

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I had read a bunch of reviews about Lilly and her affinity to try some kinky things and the description of her "perfect" ass made me reach out and make an appointment when I found out she was going to be in town. After a slew of prompt emails we decided to meet for 2 hours with some wardrobe and role play requests by me. Although the hotel was abit of of center of Midtown the travel paid huge dividends. The reviews were dead on accurate- Lilly is a sex charged machine, willing to go the extra mile and has that perfect ass as a bonus!.

As soon as i entered the room I knew this was going to be good- She was petite, perfect body shape, a booty to die for and ( fear not) the blurred face shots didn't hide anything other than a beautiful face to stare at as she moved in to kiss me.

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