Posted: October, 2023 by SC522

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Boston, MA (Incall)

General Details

I first came across Isabella a couple months ago, and from the moment I saw her picture I was mesmerized. She was incredibly beautiful and reading the details on her website further piqued my interests.

Upon contacting her, it was pretty apparent from the start that I had made the right choice. Her communication is incredibly professional with just the right amount of flirtiness, as if you needed any more reason to look forward to the session. I gave her as much screening information as I could, and I have to say the whole process was a breeze and she was very accommodating in setting up an appointment.

I was extremely nervous before going to see her, but as she opened the door all of the nerves seemed to instantly go away. She is one of the most attractive women I've had the pleasure of meeting, and her body is equally stunning. You would think that being in her presence would make you a nervous wreck, but she somehow has this aura about her that just makes you feel so calm. She manages to make it seem like you've known her for a lifetime.

She truly is the full package; brains and beauty with an amazingly kind and caring personality to match. If you have been searching for that elusive perfect provider, then I promise you that your search is over. Isabella is the one.

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