Review: Hollie of Miami

TER ID: 151088

Posted: August, 2016 by TOTALLYGAUCHE

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Midtown East

General Details

I had seen Hollie five years ago, and she was eager for a reunion. Details became complicated, since her hotel announced at the last minute that they were shutting off the water on the day we were scheduled to meet, but Hollie handled the situation with her typical aplomb, and even with the speed bump, dealing with her is as smooth as it gets. Hollie's most highly developed skill, though, is matching her client's desires and energy—like the best actors, she is entirely in the moment with you. Which, given her punishing schedule—she had at least two Privé evenings with Soirée lined up in New York on top of everything else—is a remarkable achievement. Add the fact that she's a terrific ally to have in this pursuit of ours—Hollie is the best kind of friend to have, sexy and smart as hell.

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