Review: Desire Drea

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Posted: September, 2017 by ORANGEDELIGHT

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Las Vegas

General Details

Las Vegas is maybe my favorite place in the world. I love having all kinds of fun that the city allows, but on my last trip I decided I needed to take the fun up to a whole new level. It's been a little while since I've engaged in the scene, but I reached out to someone I knew who said that there was only one choice to make in Las Vegas: Desire Drea. I trusted his advice, but I checked out her website and profile just to be sure, and I could see what my friend meant. I told him if she was anything like the pictures and videos, you could sign me up! I reached out to Drea, and she responded back, and could not have been nicer. We took care of screening, which she seemed to take seriously which I like.

I was so excited as the day approached for our afternoon meeting. I spent the entire morning trying to get time to go by faster, and as the time approached, I got excited. Drea let me know when she was close, and I came down to meet her so we could go up past security. I had booked Drea for a dinner date, so we had a bit of time to get to know each other before heading out. When Drea walked in the door she was impossible to miss. She told me she would be dressed casually, yet sexy and man she was not kidding about the sexy part. In jeans and heels, she was the most beautiful woman in the casino. We greeted each other and then headed up to the elevator. We were the only ones heading up on the elevator, and which point she gave me a super soft and sexy kiss and told me it was great to get to meet me. I got another look at her amazing body and said a quick thank you to my friend who recommended her! We got to the room, and sat down for a few minutes to get to know each other and chat a bit, and I could not keep my eyes or my hands off her. Drea is THAT sexy! We chatted for just a couple minutes, but we had dinner reservations in a little bit. Drea had brought a dress to change into for dinner, and she excused herself, telling me that we should probably have the appetizer in the room. Who was I to say no!

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