Review: Athena McQueen

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Posted: November, 2016 by PLEASUREBOY1

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Los Angeles

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I spent some time with Athena McQueen the other day and after a fun-packed action session we had, I'm glad to report that we have another local hottie living here under our noses.

Guys, all I can say is Holly FUCK, this babe is smoking hot! Her smile and humor are incredibly sexy. She looked even hotter than her pictures. Her blue eyes, her perfect set of tits, and her slim body are amazing! Meeting her and connecting with her was very relaxing and comfortable. She has an incredible mouth, and truly knows how to use it. I could have spent the entire time just kissing her. She takes care of herself very well and her hygiene is superb which is a plus for me; and she was as nice as any other Lady you'll meet in this hobby. But here is so much more, and If you like nice slim bodies, you go see this beauty immediately so you'll know what I'm talking about. VIP's, here is my experience with her.

Athena was kind enough to secure a place for us and at the agreed time, I emailed her my arrival. She indicated she was ready for me and to go up to the room and when she opened the door, I was stuns by her looks.

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