Review: Athena McQueen

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Posted: August, 2022 by DIVERTIRSE

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Las Vegas

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I became aware of Athena through her posts on the ad board here and some activity on Twitter. Setting-up an appointment with her by e-mail was straightforward; screening info. and deposit discussed without the overbearing attitude of some providers. Athena’s tone was firm but slightly-flirty.

On the day of our appointment, Athena arrived at my hotel near the Strip looking absolutely stunning! It was an afternoon appointment and the property where I was staying was more family-friendly than party vibe. Athena looked drop-dead gorgeous in her weather appropriate strapless sundress and flats. Let’s be honest, she’d turn heads wearing a burlap bag. We met like old friends with a hug and kiss on the cheek and made our way to the elevators upstairs.

In the suite, we opened a bottle of wine (agreed upon beforehand) and sat on the couch getting to know each other. Athena’s personality is a blend of free-spirit and being grounded from living a variety of life’s challenges. It became clear very quickly Athena is a great conversationalist; able to move among a variety topics, speaking as well as listening while watching you intently with her piercing blue eyes. Her e-mail flirtiness continued and began to include LFK and a more spicy side. Our conversation became broken with more and more LFK, so we agreed it was time to move to the bedroom.

For non-VIPs, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Athena and plan to see her again.

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