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I'm gameteeth_smile
DulceLiu See my TER Reviews 4886 reads

I'll be in the area....u should contact me!

Would someone be interested in an Thursday afternoon / overnight in Laguna? I prefer a in fun , in shape . petite provider not over 5'9". Please PM me with your contact information and I can discuss the donation. I can also provide pics.

Experience too.  And oh how I love the St Regis.  


You might know me on the board here as BooBooKittyFuck, But you can call me Ajay.
I have many wonderful reviews.  A Good standing (and laying down) reputation.  I love fun,  I AM fun.  Lets see if we can stike a deal.


I would love to volunteer to fulfill your fantasy.

Feel free to view my profile & photos.

Lick, Lick,


I'll be in the area....u should contact me!

Looking? I come out there often.

CJ :)

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