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how many times can 60 go into 23?
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are there any girls in their early 20's who enjoy gentlemen of the age for this specific discussion board?

at what point do you ladies say, no thanks, too many wrinkles and this guy is too slow for me!

i was with a lady a few weeks ago, and i was not very energetic (mr. happy did fine, but i pretty much just lay on my back and let her do all the work).  she didn't complain, and in fact i had one of the best times of my life.

ladies, do you actually enjoy this sort of session?  i'm not as spry as i used to be, but if you get on top i'm ready!

I'm a 43-year old provider and I absolutely ADORE older men!! I love the fact that mature gents are seasoned, patient, and well-mannered. You fellows know your way around a lady's topography. And most of all, I find that older men are much kinder and appreciative.

I don't have an upper age cap (my oldest client is 85, I think), but I won't see anyone under the age of 40.

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Even at advanced age I would find it hard to have sex with a raisin.   Considering I can't be the only one who feels that way, and notwithstanding the ladies or men are paid for their participation I find it displeasing to be with someone who may find me displeasing.  I always advise the lady that I am older....and often send a photo.... and ask if they have any objection or reluctance.  I perfectly understand if they do.....

I am a  newbie mid 20's  provider here, and I love older gentlemen!

Ok, if you talk about "just lying there, do nothing, enjoy what ever she does to me". There are a lot of younger gentlemen who do that as well. (especially people got to AMP often) I am totally fine with them!

but I just don't like to be totally submissive to their own fantasy scenarios. I am a CREATIVE person and sometimes would like to surprise them with my own skills rather their written scripts.

Anyway, I love older gentlemen because the experiences they've been through in their lives are so precious for me to learn from or witness, and I can feel their  sophistication and care for others through even this kind of short  encounters.

i always state my age up front in my initial email...plus i send a link to my professional web site w/pics on it...

so far i've not had a problem...i was just wondering if i've been incredibly lucky so far or if i'm just such a sexy guy that women love me no matter what age lol

60 will go into 43 the same number of times as 23

Why limit yourself?

A very important equation

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2012 = 28

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A very important equation

B 4 I 4Q U    RU/18

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2012 = 28

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