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LOVE to KISS, and no smoking!

For the people who are clients, how important is it to you that a provider kisses? For myself, I consider it a very important part of the experience. A session isn't quite as fulfilling when a provider doesn't allow kissing. When calling a provider, the first two questions I usually ask are 1) Do you smoke? and 2) Do you kiss?

In your experience, what percentage of girls out there allow kissing? Maybe around 50%? I'm not sure.

Would be interesting to hear your feedback.

Smoking does not bother me because I travel with extra tooth brushes & mouth wash!

If she does not do DFK, she is off my list.  That is one of my two deal breakers.  Simple as that.


I dont ALWAYS enjoy it ( guys, sticking your HARD tongue into my mouth, swirling it around is NOT a turn on, either is sticking your tongue into my mouth right off the bat. YUCK.) Be softer with those lips and that tongue and ease it into my mouth , please dont RAM it in . But besides all of that , I GET OFF ON KISSING. I can literally CUM in my pants when kissing a good kisser.

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