As 85003 said, whats to worry about?confused_smile
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i guess he was looking at porn sites from my film day's.
well we all cant stay 19
and i never run old pictures...
every picture i put in my ads is always within the last few months,

but o well
cant make everyone happy all of the time
such is this hobby
sorry had to get that off my chest
so this is for the proof my pictures aren't   15years old.. LMAO
and BTW the picture im including is less than a month old

Anyone that has seen you knows your pictures are current and your in call is not full of junk but very nicely decorated.

So don’t worry there will always be more to cum.

Did he stay and date you anyways ???

And if he think you dont deserve $300 why did he stay ???

When im going to date a guy from ter i read his reviews first and if i dont like what he thinks about other providers i wont see him ... Sorry

Just my two cents !

Dude is obviously hooked on barely legal from the local agency. You know you're hot. Don't sweat the small shit.

Seriously o_o .
AND she looks her age and she's very hot.

Posted By: jodycalledu
Dude is obviously hooked on barely legalquote]

You take so much pride in what you do, so I'm not surprised that you took the "poor" review seriously.  Like a fine wine...  you just keep getting better.


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...I've seen here over the years!

Some I see crying and complaining and making a big deal out of it when it is all in the eye of the beholder. You have a total of 68 reviews with an average of 8.3. If you did not have an average or below average one in there once in a while no one would believe you're for real.

I always read more than just 1 review, I also look at the reviewer and if the guy is giving all 9's & 10's I know he's a shill and disregard any of his reviews. I have never gave over a 9 and doubt that I ever will, I just haven't seen that "one in a lifetime" yet.


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