Any one heard or attend here....never heard of it until it made the news today
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So there is a private swingers club done at a private home in Chandler. I had never heard of it until it made the news today. To me it sounds a lot like what DD was planning on doing in PV before it was busted.

Has any one been there or even heard of it?  According to the video in the newstory Tanya the lady who runs it says she is moving, just waiting to see if judge will fine her for operating a business without proper permits.


Here is the link to the newstory:

Its been in existence for a long time.  Started out very discretely and quiet....and no money changed hands originally as I recall.  Great concept..... great fun...... Used to me intimate.  just got carried away and a bit out of control.... got way too visible much like the Goddesses on 24th st.   too bad people don't learn.  Seems like common sense to me...

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