After thinking about it, it's probably a fake review. eom
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I do not post messages very often and have never posted a message about reviews but I cannot hold myself back any longer. I am not going to name the fellow "hobbyist" but I am ashamed to read this review. The only "clue" I will give is that it is a review of Danielle 189405 and it is nothing short of disgusting. My view and I am sure of most of you is that reviews are all about the providers not the size of your dick and how many times you can cum and the sheer volume of your cum. This kind of rhetoric actually tends to detract from the virtues of the provider herself and focuses on the hobbyist. Come on keep it real; we really don't want to hear how big your dick is or how much cum you can expel. We want to hear about the provider. Just my opinion but would love to hear what others think especially providers

I agree with the sense of your comments but not so much with their intensity.  Some of us enjoy writing; my own review narratives are longer than average and certainly lengthier than they need be in order to be accepted and published.  Many reviews painfully read like proverbial "pigeon English" and reflect poorly on whatever school system turned out that reviewer.  (Isn't it amazing how many reviewers think that thing in their mouths is spelled "tounge"?)  Other reviews are clearly intended to just fulfull the minimum requirement for the reviewer to get his extra "VIP" membership days.  This particular reviewer probably wishes he was writing trashy romance novels (with himself as the star character), and TER is his outlet to emulate that fantasy by cranking out briefer essays like this.  There's probably also a bit of a psychological issue that causes him to keep patting himself on the back (or rubbing himself on the front, in this case) about his real or imagined girth (I lost count of how many times he wrote "engorged"), his huge ejaculate volume, etc.  I also went back and read a couple of his other reviews, which are consistent with this one:  lots of "Do you like my big cock?" etc.  But to his credit, his five reviews are all of top-notch gals.  And if he really was in the infantry, as a fellow vet I figure he can't be all that bad.  Anyway, to the extent it's bullshit in addition to it being "all about me" (him), look at it this way:  if nothing else, he is helping validate TER's claim that these postings are fiction rather than actual confessions of potentially illegal activity :).  There's also nothing that suggests his self-inflation (or self-engorgement, to use one of his favorite words) is done at the cost of inaccuracy in describing the provider.  And, he writes well.  Most importantly, he's not hurting anybody, so . . . let's just take it with a grain of salt.  Or perhaps several grains of saltpeter.

You are my Hero!!!! Yippy Skippy!!!!!

That is why I only ask for a review every few months, apparently it's my age showing or deep down I'm a romantic. Either way I like my sessions to be between me and the man not the whole world. Unfortunately you cannot submit a tame review it gets kicked back as not graphic enough.

I have to agree with Vossick and I've said it before some hobbyists turn their reviews into a fantasy story with loads of embellishments to make them look like a stud for everyone to read, or they're assuming that's what all women's a hint guys some of us like the shy, blushing nerd type.

I read all of his reviews and they all basically are written the same way.  Especially the details at the seems like everyone congrats him on his size and the volume of cum.  LOL

I agree, let's talk about her and how she makes you feel, not about the fore hose attitude. I guess spoken buy an average to small guy. Big is ok if you like caring it around and bragging at the urinal.

use paragraphs in the juicy details if you're going to write long reviews. And enough with the big schlong, we get it.

I get so tired of reading reviews like that.  

Yet at the same time, I wouldn't see somebody who is without any reviews.  At least with the poorly written - or in some cases reviews that are clearly a means to brag about how many times you made her O, or how "engorged" you get - are a bit of a help because it'll at least give the basic info about their partner.

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They write about the size of their cock because it is really small.  It makes them feel better.

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