Lovely pictures Gina but I have say you looked great last night.regular_smile
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Is anyone else having trouble getting on the Provider's Only board? Do we have to registrar with admin again? Is it just me?
Any insight would be appreciated!
P.S. I know the boys will click on this thread....I had some new photos taken...wanted to share!

Gina, you always look great. can't wait till see you tonight.

...upon trying to go to the POB it says as follows:

"If you are a provider, have at least 3 or more TER reviews from established TER members, and would like to be part of this board, please e-mail with your TER username and the TERID your TER reviews. Please put "Provider only board access" in the subject line. Please make this request from the same email address that is on your website or advertisements."

So sending an email with that info is the way to well try to register so to speak to gain access.

I've sent them my user name and TER ID in an email. I tried "report a problem" but I haven't had any response yet.
I've been a member of the POB since 2005...Maybe it was just a glitch in the system and that is why I need to re-register??? I don't know.
Thanks for your help though!

BTW...thanks gentlemen! Hope to see all ya'll at the gathering tonight!

I was using the new TER, but with all the problems and slowness of the site, I've been using the old "classic" version and have had little or no problems.  This might do the trick. Also  check the GD board for a post by swimtreker he's had problems and TER adm told him how to fix them and he said things are better for him, the fix is outlined in his post.

....activity this board has seen in a month... You need to post more of your new portfolio :)

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Ya'll make me feel like having one big orgy with all ya'll! BUT, we all know, that orgies aren't really my style! I am feelin' the love though and its all good! Thank you for the sweet compliments!

85003...Last nights party was a blast! Wish I would have had more time to chat with you! There was a lot going on!

To those who couldn't make the party...hopefully you will come out for the next event! It was a darn good time!

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