Holly Berry
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Anyone have any updated info on Holly Berry..

ShillBill1117 reads

also learn how to use the search feature

kirkjamest528 reads

I met with Holly about six weeks ago and she told me she was going to start an adult oriented website with her as the main star.  She was having some personal stuff going on in her life, as everyone does.  So it seemed to me she was looking to exit this community.  Looks to me like she is following through.  Keep your eyes peeled for her website.  I know she had taken a lot of steps to move in that direction so I am just waiting to see what she comes up with.

Kirk, my doll. Thanks for updating everyone, website is still in motion! I'm in "training phase", right now...but keep an eye out for me.

I may have attempted an exit, but there's no way I could stay gone for long! I must admit, I am so happy to announce my pure, naughty addiction.

my absence is recognize.. Well, I am happy to say I am back. ;)

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