Phoenix has some of the sexiest women anywhere. How about a simple and sexy hand bra photo thread?..
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Hey! why don't we have themed photo days like some regional boards do?


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and seeing if we can build regular participation and interest?

How about MONDAY PHOTO ?

No one likes Mondays, so here's something to look forward to!

Keep it simple... say either 1 or 2 photos per lady, all under the MONDAY PHOTO thread. You can add too it on Tuesday or Wednesday if you miss.

Themed days could be added later if it becomes a regular feature.

That's one idea anyway.


Theme days are the main reason I visit the Florida board. It would be great if Phoenix tried it.

I agree, I look at these every day in the Washington DC region. They have great photos, and what I know about here in the valley, there are plenty of providers to fill the thread.

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