60 and Over

I assume we are talking P4P...
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Then one hour with a lady that just truly loves to fuck....

Just for fun and ideas, if you could have your dream fantasy date,bar no restrictions, what comes natural, what would it be?
    1 how long, 24 hours,48 hours,3 days,5 days etc
    2 location, island, cruise, vegas, etc
    3 activities, mountain climbing, snorkel, dancing, swing clubs, orgy, strip clubs, etc
   4 one companion or more, threesome etc
Let's for the sake of argument leave out with whom and $ is no object.

My Dream Date:
Three days/2 nights
With a very special sweet lady
A mountain inn, all-inclusive w/couples spa
Throw in a champagne lake cruise
My idea of Heaven

Sounds like you may have already had the pleasure, if not hope it  happens for you and a special lady!

hawaii of course..oceanfront room..sandy private beach..string bikinis..tropical drinks..my atf and at least one of her close friends..one full week of bliss..

Bringing her girlfriend makes it totally over the top

Rest of my life

St. Lucia

Sex, Sun, Sex, Sand, Sex, Sailing, Sex, Scuba, Sex, Siesta, Sex


RogueLuver3511 reads

on a Carribean Island...the activities will come with the chemistry......."the small of a woman's back, a great bottle of Merlot, a kiss that lasts 2 weeks".....

A week or so in a major city.  N.y. Is nice (I don't live there), but better somewhere the lady ( only one, I'm old) has not been and would like to see.  Hong Kong?  Paris?  The right lady and any fun place, including a beach, would be fine for me, but I'll have a better time the more fun she's having.

Then one hour with a lady that just truly loves to fuck....

I feel bad for you, if you haven't experienced that yet. They are available.

hmmm... you didn't say it had to be something new ?

Posted By: mconnection
I feel bad for you, if you haven't experienced that yet. They are available.

in Maui or maybe visiting some of the other islands. We would travel first class all the way and stay in an ocean view suite, dine at the best restaurants and just enjoy the warm tropical climate.

There would be ample playtime but not too much in any one day. Some of us are past our 20's. LOL

Maui, is my Favorite, good choice. Exactly when your having fun the intimate times will take care of themselves.

Maybe a week, sightseeing, museum visits, river cruises, and lots of gourmet dining.

Spring skiing at a major resort on this continent or even better, taking a lady on hear first trip to the Alps. A beautiful athletic lady who loves the outdoors, looking tempting in form fitting stretch pants during the day, then retreat to a room (or chalet) with a balcony overlooking a snow covered village, filled with ambiance and promising great wine and food. A little apre-ski in the private hot-tub with the alpen glow shining on the mountains, followed by a romantic dinner. All this interspersed when the mood strikes cavorting in the soft duvets they give you in ski lodges.

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