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Does any one know anything about this girl?? She is in Raleigh, North Carolina and I would like to check her out but not sure if she is who she advertises as in the add?  I did a goggle search on the number and the adds all come up in NC and Pittsburgh.  Any help much appreciated, very much appreciated.

MissMarple547 reads

Her ads have been around for well over a year, first as Tiannah, then as Tiffany and now Tiffany Foxx. In all that time the phone number hasn't changed. A couple borrowed "booty" pictures, but otherwise the pictures seem pretty consistent and don't show up outside her ads (at least that I have found). The problem, of course, is that in all that time and across all those locations, I haven't found (yet) a single review of her posted. Your best hope for additional information is that someone from this board will speak up or PM you.

Good luck & stay safe,

Miss Marple

Has anybody TOFTT on her?
The ads make her look very tempting...

phan1361 reads

I have talked on the phone with her and was not really convinced she was legit. I was going to get her to do an outcall which she obliged. I backed out the last minute because she asked me if I had condoms, which I though was fishy. All legit provider always have them and should never ask a dumb question like that. I did get her to send me a cock pic though. Again, hard to tell if she's legit with no reviews. She's now on backpage in my city, if she's legit I want to see her asap.

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