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'Butt-injection' addict exposes world of black-market rump enhancements

Mother of two Vanity Wonder has written a book (find it) that delves into the world of illegal cosmetic procedures, including buttocks injections that have given her own rear end massive proportions (has anyone died from such injections?). Wonder says she has had injections of this substance, but she now insists on medical-grade silicone -- something many other clients don't do, she says (see photos of an alleged "fake butt-injection doctor").


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Shot Girls is the real life, raw accounting of Vanity Wonder's 5 year journey with black market butt injections. Commonly called "shots," "pumping" or "work," illegal butt injections are quickly on the rise and not just for strippers or women in the entertainment industry. Known for her jaw dropping 34-23-45 curves, Vanity tells no lies about how she obtained them. In this book, Vanity takes you on a gripping ride through her 16+ injection procedures, drug abuse, and the lessons she learned along the way. Without a doubt, this book will answer any questions you may have about this procedure and satisfy your curiosity on the subject.

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