411 - New girl Jane Marie
alabilly 4208 reads

Only because shes new to the Escort scene, and an upcomming porn star. Give her time, she still lives in Texas but plans to move to LA soon from what i hear.

alabilly1183 reads

thanks..... she's barely out of high-school and no doubt intrigued by opportunities available in LA.   She's been out in LA doing the round of SFV pornographers with her South Texas posse this month but hasn't seemed available for a meet.

alabilly1870 reads

love the Lou Reed reference.... you're good Miss Marple

Must have had some work done since soccordad met her. How can you get into serious kissing without using tongue? Definitely photogenic, it will be interesting to see if she does get some more reviews here, think there a few LA gents on the board.

alabilly1061 reads

I'd agree.  Looks like she's had a lot of work done since high-school.  I knocked while she was in LA but couldn't get an answer.  Undoubtedly a fast -riser who will get a lot of attention here in LALA once she relocates.

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