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Been with a few TS providers before. One of the best sexual experiences I ever had. Always think about it. Decided after that pleasurable experience, it was too risky an endeavor and decided to let it go. it's been about 5 years.

Want to do it again, but worried about STDs, going through testing, about guilt feelings after, etc. I'm positive I might have the same worries, emotional reaction again. Thoughts, ladies and gents?

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Safe sex takes about 99 percent of the risk away.  If you feel guilt, you must be married.  You would have the same guilt with a female escort as well.  I say, flush the guilt down the toilet and go have fun and if  you can't seem to make that happen, then don't do it and move on.

Thanks for the insight and advice, Dog. I'm actually not married, and got over the guilt recently with female escorts. Kind of going through a sexual awakening, trying to stop being afraid of sex... Was just wondering if I could do the same with T-girls, but I balk at the last minute.

In any case, thanks.

Don't engage in any activity that arouses guilt feelings until you have identified and resolved the root cause of the guilt.  Otherwise you're not only inflicting upon yourself painful angst, but also wasting your money.

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just wondering out loud here dude... if its fear/guilt of pay for sex or fear/guilt of sex with a TS?  A great session with a TS provider is a mind-bending experience, especially for the typical straight dude.  Kind of pulls the rug out from under all of one's preconceived ideas and moralities.  But sex is sex!!!  The pay for play scene with a TS is not unlike that with a GG... same rules....

Relax and enjoy the experience.  If not then the Dog gives great advice.

You all make great points, I'm inclined to follow serviceman and dog's suggestions, although I agree w you, alabilly, it's a great experience and pay for play is the same thing no matter what/who, etc...Despite the guilt feelings I had in the past, I still consider the experience I had pretty wonderful, almost surreal.

Thanks for the thoughtful input and advice, fellas, I'm much obliged.

So if you aren't in a relationship then your guilt is either paying for sex or a belief that you are doing something wrong by wanting to be with a TS lady. On the first one I have a rule TS or GG...if I get the vibe that she's under age or in some way being forced into escorting, I avoid...and you can tell. On the second one, well nobody can help you with that but you. Life is short, open your mind and just enjoy...there are some truly wonderful TS providers out there, good people. But GG or TS be respectful of their time...don't go making appts and no-showing, its rude to the ladies and hurts all of us other clients...don't put the lady in a bad mood for the next guy!  Bank up as much good karma as you can :-)

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