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VaVaVoom Full Figured BBW Eclipse of Moon Special !
Asstrid Moon 8091 reads

Only $600 for this week!  The guy below was free because of his DATY skills!

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Asstrid Moon2585 reads

I eclipse all the other BBW wannabes.  


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ifoundher2222 reads

nice discount...but unless I get a view from the greek isles (especially with those milky white globes on both sides of the moon) sounds like another case of overpricing to me.

ifoundher3704 reads

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Asstrid Moon2723 reads

He'll never admit it, but that's Mr. Info in the pic up top. He's so cute, and can really use his tongue!

He's going to write his 1st review !

it at least has to be funnier than that.  Come on guys!

But thanks for the opt. to plug!


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Asstrid Moon2886 reads

Seriously, Ms. Morgan, this was NOT a poke at you! It was a generic thing.  I didn't even realize the initials were the same until I was told by a 3rd party. We can do doubles!

Enuff serious shit!  Guys, If you want heavy, and a DEAL, I'm your bitch!

Asstrid Moon2312 reads

I claim NY supremecy!  My left tit weighs more than the lil fella!  Let's do doubles babe! I'll eat ya!

That's  the lil man eating me for breakfast!

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