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Glad to see you back -e-
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I will open this post first by thanking each and every lady who has been gracious to come and make our photo Thursday so much fun. I have had many opportunities to contact ladies I would have had no reason otherwise to do so. I'm sure even without my notes their continued posting is ensured.

I am not sure what to do about my reminders for posting on Thursday. I think some ladies are fine with it but some may not care all that much any more. I am going to open the day so anyone can lead the post and set me free.

I hope that no one takes offense but we all have a busy schedule and summer coming. My being sick the last few weeks made me understand all to well how tiring sitting at the computer for even 10 minutes was never mind over the hour it takes to send out personal notes on Wed evening.

Since this is a national board our one photo day was approved and could be taken away at anytime. All rules apply as with any other photo post theme day on TER. The Theme day may start at 6AM by any lady. " Gentlemen please do not try to start any photo post as it is against TER rules and all will more than likely get taken down. Yes, I will post a pic occasionally which I could not do before since I used an alias to open photo day. It also would be unfair of me to post a pic every time I opened up our Thursday theme day.

Haley isn't going anywhere and the over 60 board is my favorite place to visit on TER. Hope everyone has a great week.

Kisses Haley

and I know how much it takes to make things 'happen' .  I just want to say thank you for all the wonderful work you put into this board.  It is much brighter just because of you.  And yes I know it take a village but your leadership was crucial.  Thanks.

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Hi Miss Haley,
First I hope you're feeling better and are completely well soon if not already.  Thanks for all you contribute to the 60 and over board and the person you are.

Best Wishes,

I for one appreciate your help. As a newly inpendent I have had lots to do and something's sometimes get missed.mi appreciate you taking the time to help us out, you definitely don't have to. I hope get to feeling better!

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