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that is why i don't use agencies (DC Madam Story.. on front page!)teeth_smile
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.....deputy secretary of state one day after confirming to Brian Ross of ABC that he had patronized the Pamela Martin firm...."

to me agencies not only "slave" their girls so to say.. pay them 50% or less . but also cause these sort of problems for us guys.. remember for them it is a business.. if this girl did not work out it is another girl... for the indy ladies.. it is different..

LOVE indepdendent ladies

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. . . chracterize that the agency ladies are being "slaved", even though you put the word in quote. They choose to work for an agency over being an independent. I don't think getting pay less than 50% is common; the split is more like 60/40, with incalls provided.

Saw two lovelies from PM at different times.  Both were attractive, attentive, and seemed to enjoy.  Granted, there are some that are rip-offs, but indies can be scammers too, like the cash-N-dash types.  Either way, it pays to do your homework...

Let’s face it. It’s good tabloid reading with probably more to come. “Joe Schmoe” makes for dull reading. This boy just forgot the first rule: “Deny…deny…deny!”

Of course “No One” keeps ANY info, right? “No One” uses Datecheck or Room Service. Everyone runs a “good” drive cleaner right?

I tend to view agencies as a place to serve “apprenticeship”, unless a person can be schooled by another established provider. I have not, to my knowledge, dealt with one and probably would not without searching for reviews first.

Yes… Indies are the best!

No guarantee in this hobby. Nothing to say the indie lady doesn't keep her own black book.. Possibly, the recent press may have encouraged more book keeping by some with visions of fame and fortune.

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I really don't agree with the 'slave' their girls part. The lowest cut I know of is the girl getting 60%, with the agency paying for incall, hotel and booking the appts. out of their 40% or less. I prefer Indy's myself but there are advantages to dealing with the agencies.

Couldn't agree more and I have said on here over the years dealing with an agency makes you complicit with what many in LE consider an ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. Who wants that entanglement (and "trail")?

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is ridiculous.  Hate to break this news to you so bluntly but almost everyone has their little black book - indy and agency alike.  If you forgo the agency and choose the independent solely on this point alone then, sadly, you are living in your own world of "make believe" and "false security."

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with names and phone numbers of their regulars. Some also keep a calendar with their future appointments. How do those differ from a little black book?

Many of you guys are missing the point. There is a world of difference between an inde girl having your phone number and your involvement with an agency. If an agency ever goes down, there is a whole lot more to the situation. If any agencies are using girls who are illegal aliens the problem could become very dicey.

...once an agency is involved the liaison becomes something other than something between two consenting adults...and that makes me nervous.

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i have seen a few indy ladies who used to work for agencies, they told me horor stories as how these agencies would "Make" their schedule for them and not ask them for "available" time, or how they would "claim" they screen the guys, but when one of them found out that the guy he was with was actually an LE .(Not on the clock so he did not arrest her), he said, they did not ask a single question for screening, asked him to call them on a cell phone to hear his voice and then it was setup.. (That is when this lady left that agency)

i am not naive i know for the indy ladies this is business too.. but think of it this way.. would an agency care or worry more about a bad review or an indy lady? .. Agencies simply go get another girl..

Also the service they provide is nothing worth talking about.. a room as an incall and scheduling?

another way of looking at it is this.. have you seen any of the agency girls be on this board and chit chat with us.. like the TGND ladies.. the answer is NO .. simply because they are told they are not allowed!

love you indy ladies..


I think it is ridiculous to point out single incidents and categorize an entire group. Sure there are lousy agencies, but there are damm good ones. 'The services they provide is nothing worth talking about' - that is a totally unfounded statement to make about all agencies. Since you point out TGND, you certainly cannot say that about them.

I do prefer indys, but also at the same time I rarely ever see the very few indys who post on the board for various reasons. If you look around the vast majority of indys never post on this board and never will.

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They don't have tranportations; there camera to monitor them; they were overworked. A provider told me she was like a virtual slave; but she didn't stay long -- she left.

What I disagree with is your blanket statement.

...you're one of those people who doesn't believe that a world exists outside of your perspective.  

Any decent agency can't simply "go get another girl."  Do you know how it is for them to find reliable, consistent help?  

Did you ever think that many girls CHOOSE to work for the agencies because they'd like to have a life outside of this?  Maybe they don't want to answer 200-300 phone calls each and every day.  Did you think there might be a valid reason for the rules regarding involvement on message boards.  Perhaps the little PM feature makes it too easy for the girls to start doing their own independent contracting while the agency still picks up the tab on expenses.  Perhaps the agencies don't want to get caught up[ in the BS and drama that is so frequent around here.  Again did you ever think many agency girls simply aren't interested in getting involved here?

I've got no problem with your preferences, but why are you trying to shove them down everyone's throat?  Hooray for you that you've transcended to some higher plane of whoremongering.

You think agencies pose some higher risk to your privacy.  Do you honestly believe that the indys won't rat your ass out to LE if they stood to benefit from it?  You think they don't keep your info?  Stop kidding yourself.

Seems like what I am hearing here is a bunch of over generalizations on your part.  That is just about always incorrect and dangerous.

Here's the point.  There are agencies that keep records and agencies that don't.  There are indies that keep records and indies that don't.  Sure, they have to program their phones for the regular repeats.  Those records are traceable anyway.  I'm talking about computerized or book records.  Hardly anybody keeps a literal book anymore; it's almost all on computer.  The length of time that the records are kept varies all over the map as well, both for agencies and indies.  It can span anything from zero time to indefinite time.

There is little or no way you are going to find out for sure either with a given agency or indy.  You only know what you are TOLD.  

Same goes with the "slavery" as you put it.  Some agencies are better to work for than others for any of a variety of reasons.  The 40% agency share is about the highest that I have been aware of.  It depends upon how much work the agency is doing.  Some handle associated independents who need the incall and advertising source but who get business from other sources as well.  Other agencies require their girls to be exclusively with them and to not post or advertise independently.  Things are just all over the map.  Hence, over generalizations on this subject are rediculous.

Bottom line: If one wants absolute safety from being outted, then just don't hobby.

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