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I'm relieved and more at ease knowing the guy is of a mature age range....
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The experience is much much better....tell her, she'll be pleased that no drama will be involved and that there's less of a chance that you'll pound her vagina outta commission....really

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Gents, if seeing a new lady do you let her know your age bracket or give her any kind of a brief description
of yourself even if she does not ask???

Myself, I always do so I don't get a funny look from them when the meet me.  Laughing at myself.  

Thanks and a great weekend to all,

I find that they more they know ahead of time, the better things go.

It does allow me to start drawing on my retirement funds without penalty, at least.

My discount is offered to gents age 50+ so you qualify.

but I have one of those too.  I thought you had to be over 60 to get one so when my 50th approached last year and I got an invitation I was shocked.  It was a joke between my son and I for quit awhile...

I always tell the truth about age, weight, height. Hell, if they ask for a pic, I provide that too. We expect the same transparency from them.

websites asking the age range. Its not that it matters but in my case I don't see anyone younger than 40 yrs old.

I realize some ladies don't use contact forms so I would always give a general description where we at least have an idea who is coming to see us.

...he's over 27 he doesn't need to....older than that it's optional. It's one of those things where he doesn't have to but I'd appreciate it. Brief description is important (he can leave race out too tho...don't care about that either).

Keystonekid from TER. I am a mature (6'1"/200/young 60) gentleman who knows the proper way to treat a lady. I'm interested in a __ hour incall appointment on ___day at __pm. If that time doesn't work for you, my calendar is somewhat flexible. Looking forward to . . . .

i never tell my age..when they try to guess they always say i look younger than i actually am..any woman who tells you you look good for your age is a definite ego booster..

all depends on the age of the provider, I've had 25 year old ladies tell me i look 35 ( yeah right) and older providers  ie late 40's to 50 tell me " early 50's"  which is still off by a few years

as Einstein once said " its all relative"  ie , ask a 4 year old child how old their mother is  and they'll tell you 8

I dated a guy outside the hobby for a bit who was 48 pushing 49 when we met and he looked mid 30's easy (34ish/35) ....he took very good care of himself.

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Well, I've never really thought about it. I'm not hiding it I just haven't thought a lot about it. I usually tell them while I'm there and we are talking. If they had an age limit listed on their web site then I'd be sure to let them know I met their requirement I guess I'll do that from now on.

your age. I enjoy older gents as they are closer to my age than a very young man- so much easier to talk to and  to feel comfortable with.


alot of girls only see gents in a certain age bracket...so yes do state your age. I am no issue as long as the guy is 21 and older.

However, I do use the age or date of birth as part of my screening process.  I prefer the actual DOB but no biggie...just the age will do.

Be proud of your age and who you are!!! I am 50 and get told all the time I look younger.  Plus I must be doing something right because recently I am being told I look like I am in my 30's..What a HUGE compliment!!!


PS  With age comes wisdom and knowledge...now let's go have some hot steamy fun!!

When a gentleman mentions his stats I get a better idea of who I will be seeing. A gentleman always has the upper hand because he can visit my website and get visuals and plenty of reading in my "garden of Lust".

I'm a mature over 45 lady myself who welcomes all to see me. I'm no raving beauty but what I miss in visuals will be made up ten fold in friendliness and desire to make you happy. For me the most important info I would want is if there are certain special needs you might have so you will be comfortable and safe while visiting with me.

Kisses Haley

The experience is much much better....tell her, she'll be pleased that no drama will be involved and that there's less of a chance that you'll pound her vagina outta commission....really

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