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Agreed -- Bad & half baked idea.sad_smile
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I was wondering if you would consider the following regarding reviews.

- Seperate and/or have a sub category of reviews by Advertising source. There has always been discussion on the reliability of providers per the source i.e. BP, EROS and other advertising means. Hence, if TER users can go to a sub category of reviews per the source that would save time going through all the reviews if a hobbyist is looking for reliable providers on BP vs EROS and so on.

- I know I'm scanning through BP now and was thinking if I could go to TER and simply look up reviews of BP only ladies then it would save time looking through all the BP ads then wondering how reliable the provider is. Along with saving time on doing all the research (TINEYE, phone search, etc) to try and get that answer. If I could simply come here and get all the BP reviewed providers, or EROS reviewed providers then what a time saver that would be.

Thanks for your consideration.

A lot of ladies advertise across the venues.  I may have Eros ad, BP ad, P411 and Date check ads going at any given time.

Its been said many times, advertising malls are just advertising malls, nothing more nothing less.


Dear Fallon:
Although you advertise on different sources,how would you modify your verification process on BP as opposed to the traditional execution you would use on eros or the traditional sites?

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