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Vegas style lap dance provider?
12john.deer34 8 Reviews 772 reads

Are there any providers who know how to give a really good Vegas style lap dance? I mean the kind where there is not really much "dancing" involved at all -- just a lot of grinding and rubbing booty against my stomach, chest, leg, and crotch. I don't know what it is about a good lap dance, maybe the fact that a super hot girl is in control of the action and you kinda have to just sit there and let them lead. And the fact that they look so confident in their sexuality while they are grinding all over you. I'm not really into watching a strip or poll show from a distance, mind you. It's not the performance that is a turn on so much as the feeling of skin on skin, her breath on my neck, and feeling her hair falling around my neck and shoulders as she leads the action.  And the whole time, I can let my hands wander around her legs, ass, stomach, and tits.

My fantasy would be to go from amazing, authentic lap dance to slow removal of all clothes to BJ to sex, all while seated in and around a sturdy chair :-)

Any recommendations?

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