TS Lola Holepuncher
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I have been seeing ads on Atlanta BP for Lola Holepuncher but have not yet seen any reviews here.  Is she for real?

not sure 5'11" and petite go together

no idea if its for real but I think its a brilliant name

Havbe not seen reviews either... but she has visited DC before! If I notice the next time she does again I will take the plundge!


I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing ... Lola Holepuncher has got to be one of the most unique names I have ever seen, right out of a James Bond movie (or perhaps an Austin Powers satire).  How about Testi Stapler or Gina Yardstick.

Does it beat Queen Dingaling? ( dallas)

There is a drag queen in Memphis that goes by Sofonda Peters.  So funny when I see an ad for one of the gay clubs that has a drag show featuring Sofonda Peters!

yeah, i knew a houston lawyer named, and i kid you not, Richard Lipps!!!!  ironic and prophetic all in one.

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