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stories, Jamie!

I heard the door close as I first attempted to open my eyes. At first I thought it was a dream I had my eyes opened yet I saw nothing, not even the first morning rays that usually come in through our window. Surprised I attemped to turn towards the window yet I soon realized I was blindfolded. At the same time I felt a slight tug at my wrists and legs. My arms were bound above my head and legs were spread out in eagle form position as much as the could stretch. They felt bound but that couldnt be!  My heart started beating faster. What was going on? I felt powerless.

Seconds later I felt the stroke of my inner startled me so much it made me shake.I heard nothing though just felt another stroke in my inner thigh and then on my right nipple.I don't think my heart had ever beat that fast. My vagina also noticed as I started feeling a warm sensation. I was scared...
I felt a warm liquid being poured all over my body and what started as random sensual strokes soon turned into a sensual full body massage.

My fear soon turned to relaxation...I could not believe it! I had no power over my body yet the hands touching my whole body while I was deprived of my sight and my ability to stop them just turned me on. My vagina was wet very very wet...I could feel the liquid ooze out. I am sure the view of my  wet vagina must have been enough to cause an erection on any man.

The massage stimulated me so much all I was now thinking about was an orgasm. It must have been at least 30 minutes but the were probably the most lustful 30  minutes of my life. I wanted  the hands that were caressing my body to also go in.

It must not have been more than 10 seconds after that thought crossed my mind when I felt the distinct stroke of my inner thigh once again but this time a lot closer to my vagina. Then I I realized that his fingers were about to enter my soaking vagina.

They went in to my vagina at first slowly then at such a fast pace which felt like my heart was going to skip a beat.

Just when I thought I was going to orgasm the hands went back to my breast. I felt fondled yet it felt good to be lusted after. It must have been at least a minute but it seemed like an eternity before his hand went back to my vagina. It was as if he had read my mind once again. One of his hands was drilling my vagina and the other fondled my breasts.

I felt the orgasm coming I had been wanting it ever since the first sensual stroke.

I shook I trembled and felt powerless. I tried to struggle out of my bondage but it was useless. At last my body felt weak but satisfied

My perpetrator however was not satisfied. He continue stroking my vagina until I shook again. I cried and scream for him to stop yet he ignored all my pleading. My legs were so stretched out I felt pain from all the strain.

I finally heard his voice. Yet it was not to tell me he was done but only to tell me that I was to turn around as soon as he unbound me and that any atttempt to run out was going to be feeble and pointless.Scared, I did as told only to find myself facing down and bound once again.

Feeling a light stroke but this in my butt I shook once again. At first gently and the more agressively I felt my butthole being drilled by his finger. There was pain but also pleasure and the satisfaction that my hole was being filled. Seconds later I felt something cold being stuck in my butthole and to this day I can only assume it was a buttplug. I lay there weak powerless and being used to my full sexual potential. I had just become accustomed to my butthole being satisfied when his attention turned to my clit once again. I was facing down and bound my arms and legs this felt good but my heart continued to beat as fast as ever.

I screamed and moaned. My vagina was dripping I could feel the bed sheets as I had already dripped on them. He played with my clitoris and told me he was going to stop playing with me until he got tired of playing with me and making me orgasm. Sure enough what must have been my 10 orgasm in a row made me tremble and try to struggle free of my bindings. Just when I felt like I couldnt take it anymore he liked my clitoris and made me cum again. When was he ever going to set me free? My vagina was willing to wait to find out

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