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maybe she is not a math genius

woould provide a link from her adsite to her TER review when it is a 6/2? I dunno, just seems like bad marketing to me.

and won't even check the review. And many others are cheap, and don't have VIP or aren't TER  members.  Yes, it's a roll of the dice for the advertisers, but plenty of advertisers pull this crap.

I think a lot of times the providers don't even know. Some of the ad sites automatically put a link to the reviews. The provider posts an ad. The review link automatically gets added if the ad site knows about it. Makes it easy for us to click a link instead of doing seperate searches here.

jake2you534 reads

maybe she is not a math genius

I have looked at several providers who brag in their ads about being highly reviewed, or great reviews & when I read all of their reviews the highest score is 7, or a 8 for the amount $$$ they want for the hour + the upsell for extras, like GFE, or outfit request is pathetic.

~ The funniest stank is on their websites for rates it says, "Contact me!"  A huge red flag that indicates the provider will negotiate depending upon how much $, or lack of money she has made for her daddy that day! ~

FYI- Do not link your TER profiles, or say great reviews if you only have average services at best & never say $$$ on another website, then ask for more $$ when you discover the guy is TER!

Poor business skills & horrible marketing on these low performance providers.

Shes not ashamed and shes really confident in herself and Knows shes better than That review and shes willing to prove it wrong ...
I wouldnt post it if it were bad but JUSt maybe she will lol
Strange Ladies :P


Really Link Your Reviews To Your TER Profile, or I will request it for you since it is not up & should be already....

Here is a link to your reviews & your donations listed are far from the same as on your site, or what you post as specials on all the other sites you market yourself on.

46 dummies fell for it...
Some provider knows lots of you dont even check the reviews.
if the picture and the price are right that's sometime all it takes...
Sad sad sad...

Posted By: bill88
woould provide a link from her adsite to her TER review when it is a 6/2? I dunno, just seems like bad marketing to me.
maybe i am not smart but i thought that it did that automatically and you could not pick and choose what reviews to link??????
well at least that is what cv does lol

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