I have a cliche in my TER mail..
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Please respond with me somehow .. I cannot reply to my mail.. Theres a cliche in my account.. Please help...

Well being that Im moderated (sigh) I havent been able to contact anyone here on TER. .I mean as far as TeR Mods or whatever bc I cannot reply to pms and theirs a gliche.. I was hoping Id get someones attention to look at it as I was being moderated but they went and posted this on the board!! So can a mod or someoen help me with this giche Im having?? Pleaes???

Oh Krich, I am planning on a Charlotte trip to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ya'll sent me a pm saying everything looks fine, but when I press reply to answer whats wrong it wont let me reply.. Please look at it again...  I can read pms but cant reply to them..

Thanks :)


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