Ooooo Now I Get "AA"...
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I thought it was a click of hobbyists with drinking issues. Now I get it

Hello Carolina Gents,

I am a well-reviewed out-of-state chocolate lady. I've been in beautiful Raleigh for four (4) days and I've had NO business.  I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I'm not reviewed on TER but I've never toured to an area that uses this board.

So, I had no choice but to post on Date-Check and BP.  I've never been so insulted.  First, when the phone did ring it was one of two things. Either, some thug asking about "SPECIALS" or a someone asking for my rates. Then when I would recite them, they would rang up in my face. So, this prompted me to research reviews of the AA ladies in the area on TER. It was a very general search just Raleigh and AA ethnicity. I almost died laughing at the quality of AA providers in the area. I didn't come across anyone with high marks. But it was also very funny that "some" gents would go see a "provider" advertising 40 & 60 dollar specials but are "disappointed" that she was b&s or robotic like.  

If a provider charges 60 dollars she is VERY high volume. I don't know how anyone could expect such a person to be sensual and unrushed. Hotels (even on Hotwire or Priceline) are $60+. Then you need to eat, gas, supplies etc etc.  

If you're looking for a quality experience you need to be willing to pay a little more money.  Quality is not standard at the $60 price mark.  This is not an advertisement, I'm leaving early tomorrow and may never return.

Just my 2cents!

First off let me say I'm sorry you felt that you had to come on here and scold us because your tour didn't go like you had hoped.

Perhaps if you had done some market research before you came.  You know...  If you wanted to see gents that frequent TER then maybe you could have made arrangements to be able to post a couple of ads on the Carolinas board.  

I'm just guessing that because you advertised on BP you received the "bargan hunter" calls and maybe your normal rates are a little more pricey than we are used to.

I'll argue with you because I know for a fact that there are excellent AA providers in the Raleigh area.  You have to remember that the Raleigh area to us might include anyone within a 90 minute drive.  We're not a big urban area and we have to travel a little sometimes.

Not sure that you will garner much sympathy with this post.

If you do decide to come back, maybe you can give us some type of advance notice.

Have a great summer.

First of all, I find it interesting that you are scolding the guys here even though you didn't advertise here!  I just searched the Carolinas Ad board and saw NOTHING under your name.  So you're scolding people you didn't even market to.  Seems like an odd choice to me.

Second of all, how much do you charge?  (I couldn't easily find out since you don't link to your website and you didn't advertise here.  See how that works?)  If you charge $400 an hour, then yea, you're priced out of this market, not because you're black, but because that is outside the range of even the most popular providers here.  But if you charge $200 or $250 (and assuming you're as well reviewed as you claim - something I see no evidence of at this point), then you may have a point.  But there are lots and lots of black women in the area who have no problem earning $250 around here, and that is a FAR cry from the BP girls who advertise $60 an hour.

Finally, if you only advertised on DC and BP, then your marketing is the problem and THAT'S why you didn't make money.  Why didn't you advertise here?  What about the dog site?  Eros?  P411?  Come on - anyone with any business sense knows you have to put your name out there anywhere and everywhere to attract business.

It seems to me that the issue is you, not Carolina guys.

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I am a native of NC and now reside in the Midwest.  I look at the Nc boards often. Post like this one are very revealing.
I am disappointed in the fact that you were very negative towards  AA men and women considering you are AA yourself.  There are some great AA providers in Nc, just look at my reviews for one of the best. I agree with what has been written  by others. If you are all you calm to be, post links to reviews and website. Where is Roadie with his deep insight? Lol!

I second the comment, smart ladies do their homework.

There are several local ladies at $300 & $325 who do very well, and touring ladies can come in at $350 with a good response as long as they offer the appearance and service levels to back it up.

There's a certain area in Cali where TER does not reign, but I believe that the review source for the area, if a lady mentioned that she has reviews available upon request, could net her $350/hr on tour here with the savvy hobbyist.  ;)  :)

TER is big here, but many reviewers know that other sites are just as credible in other areas of the country...Texas, Cali, DC/VA, and formerly the upper Midwest until a certain raid occurrence.  

Does this OP have such reviews or offer the level of appearance/service required to net her $350/hr?  Maybe not.  But my only disagreement with your response was the lower donation range as a general statement.  :)

I have to agree with Natasha. I am a AA provider and I use BP to attract new potential clients. It does require screening. However not a high volume provider. You have to market yourself.

There is a grumpy old troll under the bridge.  not sure what you wanted to accomplish with this, but I can tell you that if you do every come back to NC and post here you won't get any business due to this post.  One thing Carolina guys do well is research and this post will surface again to bite you in the rear.  

What areas do you tour?  I am pretty certain that this board caters to all the major cities and the states with no mega-metro areas have a state board.  There are some that don't but if you are worth your salt a review will show up here somewhere.

As far as the race issue goes, that has nothing to do with your lack of success here.  Your lack of advertising did.  If anything a post like this enforces some of the stereotypes that exist about african-americans, nothing is ever my fault, its because I am black.  If McDonalds never advertised would it be my fault they went out of business?

Ok, back to my wonderful Friday, i have fed this troll enough.

"So, I had no choice but to post on Date-Check and BP"

Hmmm don't you usually post pre tour announcements on DC, P411 and local discussion boards at least couple of weeks prior to tours?

Some people like to plan ahead, others are last moment, but even those who book you last moment often will research ads for ladies visiting in the future and make a mental note to contact them later on.

To me posting on DC and P411 is not the last resort, it is first thing I do when I decide to visit some place.

"So, this prompted me to research reviews of the AA ladies in the area on TER."

Again, is not it something you do prior to even making the travel plans? You research pricing and availability in local market then you decide whether or not you are going to visit.  I get a lot of requests from TX but market in that state simply won't support NYC based provider's rates.  And it will have absolutely nothing to do with my ethnicity.  My phone won't be ringing off the hook in San Antonio, TX and not because I am russian.

I am sorry but for seasoned and well reviewed companion (as you say you are) your marketing approach seems to be a little bit off.


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where the good Lord spit ya

Seeing it from both sides.....

I'm not AA but I am is black but anyways. I have advertised eveywhere here on TER, eros (pretty awesome featured visiting spot at that), bp, cv, dc, tbd, and a bunch of sites I can't name here for a while now. I've gotten a good amount of interest but most of it not too serious.  
I'm in a particular a beast at advertising and I use what is available to me with plenty of notice.
No one is exact beating down my email right now. I don't post a number on any of my ads....could that affect things. MAYBE.
I haven't thought yet because I'm black but I don't think that matters...much at all. My rates are pretty avg @ 160hh, 240hr (i even give a small discount on hr and so on to those "eligible".
I don't have 50 or 60 ot 80 rates but I do understand the frustration when looking at BP and so it''s frickin' terrible.  But uh the black girls are NOT the only ones doing these 60 to 80 specials you just see more of them....i saw more than a few white girls too doing them btw.
Saying hang in there might not make you feel much better but lol....hang in there it is the summertime for w/e that's worth.  

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I thought it was a click of hobbyists with drinking issues. Now I get it

....i'm only a social drinker and a lightweight at that :-D.

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It may help to either offer a Denny's grand slam breakfast   or doubles with  a farm animal on your date.

I figured it's been a while since I've gotten hate mail

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