And my asscrack is NOT a credit card reader (eom)
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If you are meeting a lady for the first time, do NOT attempt to hand the envelop directly to her while stating, "That was $$$.5, right?".  She will kick you out the door faster than a cop can slap cuffs on her wrist.  

And if you have told her that you're a newbie, she will then alert the other ladies that you may be LE...only to find out that you actually do have (very good!) references and chose not use them.

We are not stupid.  But apparently you are for not playing this game by the rules that keep us all safe.  (You dork.)

..... why hide your references? Are they gonna get mad he's seeing someone else? lol
I'm not freaked out if someone tries to hand it to me (maybe I should be) BUT to try to reconfirm the donation with you especially while handing it over he should've known was a NO. Just because he's not a newbie doesn't mean he knows how to handle a meeting especially those first few important minutes when meeting her CLEARLY.

I preach it more often then not and it is more common then most think.....

They tell me they are afraid to give a reference because..

1. The last lady will get jealous ( gentlemen we are not your wives) we assume that if you are seeing us you are seeing another lady as well. Variety is the spice of life

2. She is in TX or California or whereever.. My answear is always the same. I DO HAVE A LONG DISTANCE PLAN.. it is not a problem.

3. or.. they are just assholes and the previous lady will tell me exactly what he did..

Note to gentlemen..
We do not compare size, shape, performance or the size of the wallet. ALL we want to know is, AM I SAFE IN HIS CARE???

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I don't hide my references, but I've had a couple providers, some of them very well respected, tell me that they get tired of the phone calls so they've stopped giving the ok for phone references... and most contact forms request the phone numbers.

What's a gentleman to do? I've put the items anyone could find like their website, name and add a comment about not being given permission to share their number. Every time I've done that... no response to my appointment request. Maybe it's a coincidence, but I think not.

Not making excuses but sharing a personal experience.

instead of the phone number and that should suffice.  If you send me a lady's website or e-mail address, that works just as well for me.  If your references are not "reputable" in my opinion, then I'll let you know that and ask if you want to do a work verification.

Some ladies are just not good about responding...for no apparent reason.  It's just an unfortunate reality in the escort industry.

.....I EXPECT that when he uses her as a reference that she knows and she should.   I'll send an email and/or PM first.

saying that the GOOD ladies won't care if he sees someone else and the BAD ladies are ones who he will NOT want to have his information.  He's lucky he got a lady like me who won't post his full personal and work info unless I'm 110% sure he's LEO.

Handing me an envelop AND misquoting my rate so that I have to verbalize a rate back to you = LEO in my head!  

DUH.  Read the directions on a lady's site and FOLLOW them!

LOL  grrrrrr

I have had it happen to me and I am still shocked that they think we are sooo stupid....

Isn't that the test where the doc tells us guys to bend over???? EEK!! "I feel like a woman;P~~~"
Ladies, you should just send the guys to the bathroom with instructions to wash their hands,---did they just sneeze and spray their dominant hand with goo, THEN come in and play with your kitty^..^ ---YUK! Or pump gas where the person that had their hand on the pump handle just came out of the rest room with out washing their hands---double YUK! Put some of that stinging mouth wash in there also:)) Then have a shoe box in there that says "DONATIONS', then you go in there and check it out:))
O!  Make sure you leave ALL your personal stuff in your vehicle trunk, and take your phone with you:))
I know a number of ladies who have gotten some unwanted attention from leaving personal stuff lying around and the guy turned out to be a stalker:((  "Daddy" bird finished with safety tips for today:))

Thank you, daddy bird. I like the idea of the donation box in the bathroom.

I make it very clear on my website (on my donations page) that all money should be placed in an envelope and left near my purse at the beginning of our visit. If newbies try to quiz me about finances or a particular service I offer, I simply say, "Remember, escorts do not discuss sex or money. If they did, that would make what we do illegal." Then I smile sweetly and bat my eyelashes at them.

I used to feel timid about asking a guy to wash his hands (pits, crotch, ass, etc), but I outgrew that feeling really fast. No nasty-ass fingers or peckers come near my "good girl." I want it to STAY good!

Marie in Asheville

to grab it without using her hands?             No wonder I keep getting kicked out :(

Posted By: SonnyNC
to grab it without using her hands?             No wonder I keep getting kicked out :(

donation?  I figured if it was in a piggly wiggly bag it would be safe.  Everyone loves the pig...:)

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