Re: Here's my moon!confused_smile
birdluvr69 75 Reviews 498 reads

Now that is a "Moon" to wax poetic over;P~~~

Close, actually SPECTACULAR Moon!

Do not really to say anything else do I?

Of course, I do!!!!!!!!!!!

I Concur!!!!!

Shifterp OUT!

Now that is a "Moon" to wax poetic over;P~~~

SweeT, I love the way your lil' moon smiles at me.

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TT and CCR two of my alltime favorites!!

Double your pleasure, double your fun.  Were not twins though, lol!

RoyinMB421 reads

Im really going to miss that wonderful veiw when you retire next month..

I saw everything from a "New Moon" to a "Full Moon" and all the beautiful "Moons" between.

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