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I'm about 1HR from Philadelphia, my type of girl  is blonde very thin small ass etc long hair.. Having a hard time finding one any suggestions? Also are massage Parlors worth going to or just stick to the escort section /provoder see a lot of ads for those, anyways having a hard time locating a provider

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There, you can click on Photo Gallary tab and choose a state ... Pennsylvania (or later New Jersey or Delaware). You'll find over 250 thumbnail pics of PA providers showing their pic and listing their home base city. Click on any you like and their profile comes up.
Nearly every top vip provider is a Date-Check member.

Assuming you are VIP (and if you are not, you should be) you can search reviews on TER. Set the city for Philadelphia, then plug in your requiremeints in the profile (blonde, thin, etc) and see what comes up. You can also check the Philadelphia ad board. Also date-check as the other poster mentioned.

As for your question on massage parlors, there is a seperate massage parlor discussion board on TER. You might want to check that out. (Under the same submenu where you found this board)Some guys prefer the MPs. some prefer escorts. some do both for variety, or for different reasons. I can't tell you if they are worth going to. It is a decision you have to make yourself. But I will say, just like with escorts, there are good and bad MPs, so do your research, either way.

I petite, long blonde hair, small round butt, 110pds, 5"0, but i not an hour away from philly....

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