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Did you say his colleague was passed out on his bed for the meeting? Play safe and no one should be there at all.

I have met guys who I thought they were gay, not bi. Just enjoy the session and no matter what, you are doing him service... he may be gay or exploring, or he might just be an open man, maybe metrosexual. I truly believe in just enjoying. Don't think hard and just go in the moment.  

One of my favs I swear has to be gay. Yet we have so much fun and I feel so comfortable. Maybe I should tell him I want to watch if he does.... the dirty with a hot guy? lol

So I meet this guy out on the town. He looked fabulous... We exchange info and he invites me over later.... I get to the suite and its so many hygiene products in the bathroom... When I saw the flat irons I almost collapsed. I tried to downplay it hoping he was just very metro sexual since he was sharing a suite and his colleague was passed out is his bed. But I still feel like something was not right lol. I almost forgot... he said he was attracted to me by my shoes...

Did you say his colleague was passed out on his bed for the meeting? Play safe and no one should be there at all.

I have met guys who I thought they were gay, not bi. Just enjoy the session and no matter what, you are doing him service... he may be gay or exploring, or he might just be an open man, maybe metrosexual. I truly believe in just enjoying. Don't think hard and just go in the moment.  

One of my favs I swear has to be gay. Yet we have so much fun and I feel so comfortable. Maybe I should tell him I want to watch if he does.... the dirty with a hot guy? lol

Gay for suuuurreee!!! Attracted to you because of your shoes?  Hahahaha ha!  I'll bet he could name that brand too lmao,  sucks so many gay guys are hot,

How women are attracted to gay guys for their feminine tendancies.
Women say gay guys are hot because they actually have a beauty regimen..
They get their hair done, skin rubbed, or whatever they do to you girls at the beauty salon.
As we move toward the future..
Women's opinion of what a man should be is changing..
I'm a lumberjack.. A construction worker.
I bleed, I stink. I curse people out. That is what my opinion of a man is.
It definetly pisses me off when I see women fawn over what I consider..
Less than a man. It is just plain stupid..
And if we keep it up.. We will breed a country of pussies.
Wait a minute.. We are almost there already

Your lucky. They would moderate the post.
You can use your imagination though.

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I wuz jest havin' fun.  Not suggestin yore gay!  Cum on, dude!  Look at the clip again. Itz classic and funny as hell.
Peace, bro!

Ok. Sorry.
Hey I got shot down again last night. I'm fucking bitter okay!
Dating is tough. And I fucking hate loosing a girl to a gelled up metrosexual bitch!
And if you say If you can't beat em.. Join them.  
I'll jump out the fucking window! LOL

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Jest git up, dust yerself off an git back in the game!
If U can't watch that Python video an not laff, UR 1 sick puppy

Hound, I am joking as I could not resist. You have been a monger far too long to deal with the dating scene. You are used to seeing hat you like and sending an email and getting what you want.  

Civvie ladies can and do choose, as you well found out last night. I think it puts this game into perspective in that it does not have much in common with unpaid situations.

I just need to be more patient.
Seldom does it work out in the civie world at all.
So for the most part. I'm still doing well.
Thanks for the ego boost though. :D
(That was sarcasm

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Everything you just said. Not to mention the OP.  

We're breeding a country of pussies? really. There are plenty of men that could stand to take up a bit more of a beauty regime.  

And, straight women aren't attracted to gay men because of their feminine tendencies. A woman can spend time with a gay man without everything being about him trying to score. It's just a nice bonus that he isn't bleeding, stinking and cursing at the same time.  

Oh, and as far as feminine tendencies and REAL men.... Better watch out for those construction worker, lumberjack types you find so manly HOC......lol....

If you couldn't catch my drift there you will never understand what I'm talking about.
One of my best friends is gay. He hates feminine gay guys.
My point is men sweat. They get hurt.  
As we move into this fucking metrosexual future..
Women encourage men to be like women..
There was a time when a dirty, hard working man was sexy to women.
And we are breeding a country of pussies.
Ask your grandpa.. See what an older person has to say about that..
And don't get me started on how lazy technology has made us..
How about we drop the fucking XBox, and go outside and play a sport.

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Well, one of my best friends is black. So there! Seriously? And, what does technology and the Xbox have to do with stereotypes of what a real man is?

I'd ask my grandpa. But he's dead. But he was absolutely one of those old school bleeding, stinking, cursing manly men of which you speak. He was even a construction worker. The trifecta!  

He was also a drunk who spent more time in a bar than he ever did with his family. He truly believed women existed only to serve men. And, when he did come home he had a nasty tendency to physically abuse his wife and kids. But he sure hell wasn't a pussy. Nope.

So you are saying that if I don't pretty myself up..
I'm a drunk who has no respect for women?
Sorry about your grandpa btw..
I didn't mean to disrespect your passed relatives...
But what do they call that??
Oh yea.. Painting with a broad brush are we

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That I think you are a drunk with no respect for women? No. I'm saying you are mired down a very silly stereotype of what it means to be a "real man".

Jesus, are YOU drunk? You're arguing like a "girl" HOC....lol..

This is like me making a comment to my GF that, since we're going to a formal dinner party she might want to wear something besides jeans and flip-flops. And, she then accuses me of saying I think her ass is fat. How's that for a stereotype painted with a "broad brush"?

Go forth and be manly. Nobody is stopping you. :

I read it all again, and I am arguing like a girl!
Shit! What is wrong with me today?
I'm just bitter because I tried to go out, and meet a girl last night.
And I blew it. :( lol
Got upstaged by those pretty types..
Fuck.. I sound jealous don't I.
Ok. Maybe a little.  
Time to get a stylist or something..haha..
Hey. That's not a bad marketing idea for the ladies..
Do like a beautification process before the date for the guys with no style.
Lord knows I could use some tips. LMAO :D

So I acquiesce.  
I really just mean its important in my mind a man knows how to change a tire..
Fix a broken anything in the house. Stuff like that.
I don't stink btw. But I am always hurting myself..

hotplants1047 reads

I know it's a big assumption, but I do assume you would like a woman to be interested in you for reasons other than your ability to change tires and fix broken stuff. It is very handy. But, only one tiny piece of a whole package.  

Now, I will say that even I would be highly suspicious of a guy that couldn't a tire. Then again, I feel pretty much same way about a woman that can't change a tire. 'Course, having a guy around to get the flippin' lug nuts off is nice. But that only helps if he's actually stronger than I am......

(I'm teasing you HOC...) ;)

I stand corrected.
In my defense I say that my point never came across correctly.
It was just about how much stronger bonds become when you forget about the outside of someone.
And respect the inside.

hotplants1011 reads

And, BTW, being strong enough to consider another point of view even when it contradicts your own, is a very clear indication  of what I would consider to be a 'real man'. Or, just a good guy. (And women really DO like that in a man, ya know

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The sissification of males is an agenda and has been for the last couple of generations. It is being taught to our boys from a very young age.

Passive males are easier to control.

It's not about women wanting to control men, it's about removing a lot of the control men have had over women for centuries.  

It gets old and is not necessary.  

Why men have thought, and to some extent still think, that we are the enemy baffles me. It's fear based. Any group that needs to control and subjugate another usually does so out of fear and lack of understanding.

If you aren't weak. We can't protect you! That is the instinct.
I don't think that way. But..
I find sometimes... When I respect a woman as an equal.
She perceives me as kissing her ass.
You don't want to do that either.
So I find myself walking a tightrope so to speak.

f you aren't weak. We can't protect you!  

How is not allowing a woman to vote or enter university or fly a plane, or be the head of a corporation  protecting a woman? Yes we have those things now but I do get a bit peeved about the" it's for your own good", "it's because we want to protect you" or it's "man's work".  Only men devised the "mans work" to keep women out. It has nothing to do with protection.  

I have no issue with a guy lifting something I can't, or building something I can't etc.etc.. What does not wash is the other clap trap that goes with it.

As for the women who think you're ass kissing, well they have their own issues if they feel being equally respected is weak.

I didn't mean that. You know it.  
She can do whatever she wants with her body.
I want to protect her heart.
I don't own my girl. But I hope she would think of herself as mine

However, let me make myself clear, do you mean a little bit of dirt from being outdoors or unwashed dirty?  

I guess you have missed the HUGE emphasis we ladies put on hygiene. We tend to not like dirty.
If I show up with trimmed nails, well groomed lady parts and excess hair removed, I am not about to roll around with some unwashed, smelly ape who then wants me to suck his balls with 3 inch pubic hair and the smell of poop wafting up from his sweaty ass crack, not to mention filthy jagged finger nails that he tries to insert inside me.

I promise.. I go to an in call squeaky clean every time.
Plus I don't put my fingers in the girls.  
I have hard hands, with very strong fingernails..
No matter how clean cut my nails are..
I still think I may hurt her. So I just don't go there.
I'm not talking about an escort date anyway..

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My ex was one of those women gays used to call "fag hags". Maybe they still use the term.

She had a lot of gay friends, ranging from average-looking guys to flaming queens. Didn't matter.

She (and other FH's) are able to go out on the town with guys with no pressure for sex, are able to go out with "one of the girls" so to speak, but not get hit on by other guys, and can talk about things like decorating, fashion and other topics that would bore the hell out of most regular guys.

I had no problem with her going out with her gay friends, as I knew it was less likely she'd get hit on than when she went out with girlfriends.

I'm just not sure since it was a single business encounter. I was just really surprised to see all those items in a mans bathroom. Had it not been for that I would have never thought anything different.

Or bleeding or cursing.

These women you speak of have made their choice of who they want to be around. Pussies or not, those are the men that have the ladies walking in their direction. Your type of man might be going the way of the dinosaur

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Need to stop spreading rumors ! He liked you , no more no less . And again do you not know him from "Boat Trip" , excellent movie !

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