Against. The sanctity of the Constitution should not be compromised for a non-issue (eom)sad_smile
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I know this may get pulled and should be on the politics and Religion borad but since this topic is relevant to NC I thought I would give it a try..

Are you for or Against Amendment One?
Dare I even ask why?

Let's please not turn this into a war.

I did see a news report this am
that said 61% percent were for
and 39% were against...

I have traveled this fair land for a number of years, and instead of relying on motels/hotels with their 4 walls, I opted for sharing a home(CL)with folks with kids, pets, etc. I usually spent several months in each place my company sent me, hence my desire for something more than those 4 walls at the end of the day.

I have shared homes with hetero couples, gay couples, lesbian couples and just about everything in between.
The gay and lesbian folks were no different that the hetero couples, i.e. they were intelligent, committed to one another and their pets and kids, and worked hard at their chosen professions---nurses, business owners, army officers, doctors, hair stylist, political script writers, etc., etc. They always treated me with respect, as I did them.

Put me squarely in the 39% who oppose this slap in the face of some good Americans, who only want the right to have the right to be treated fairly.  My 2cents, and opinion based on years of observing(living with) just plain folks in both hetero and same sex relationships.

This is not a religious issue, it's a societal issue. All throug history societies realized the importance of heterosexual marriages for the raising of children the continuing of a healthy society. Even the Babylonians, where homosexuality was more prominent, had rules specific to heterosexual  marriages because of the importance of societal order.

and the gay men adopting?  

I don't think that homosexuality will increase or that reproduction will decrease due to the acceptance of gay marriage.  There will still be the typical family, with a few interesting ones mixed in.  Diversity is not a bad thing.  ;)

You're a very good man and I am lucky to have you as a friend...and to know that you will still welcome my friendship even with a difference in opinions.  OXO  :)

But it has to be understood as an exception, not the rule. Heterosexual couples are the optimum means for raising the next generation and should be promoted and set apart as special. It's  not just me saying this, its the whole history of mankind. Marriage pre-dates religion.

BTW, the Babylonians institutionalized hetero marriages but sexual activity outside of marriage was accepted whether it be gay or straight.

And Julia, friends can disagree. Life would be boring otherwise.

Then let all Babylonians vote.  I am alive in 2012 and thankfully, societies have evolved since that time.

BTW, I had 20 years of straight marriage.  I hope that all folks, regardless of sexual orientation, can experience the joy that I did.

Its just another way to control people...against

Very few take marrage seriously anymore. I don't see the point

If I was all about money and how much I could make so I could retire comfortably at a very young age, I would have studied family law and become a lawyer

Not cynical, just realistic

If you had graduated from high school, then graduated from college, then been accepted into law school, then graduated law school, then passed the bar exam and admitted to practice, you would have learned that a divorce practice is one of the most demanding, least lucrative fields of legal practice.

the field of law. I lived in DC where you can't swing a dead cat without hitting an attorney

I know this Middleman. I'm talking money right now, not sanity. I opted for a fun job....and here I am :)

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