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Only cruising I do is on the back of the bike. lol

We have been honored,  because our 'Hobbywood' is such a great board, to allow the boys to start a Theme day .    Now understand this is a ONE time offer for next week only, and only one day.  Get it? Got it/? Good.

The rules are as follows
- reply posts (positive) can be from both the ladies and gents
- no ad type link allowed
- if a provider, who is not visiting wants to post, then its ok  (one time only)
- new pics only

So what I am asking of you gentlemen,  is
1  What yall think?
2. What day next week should we do it?
3. Name that theme.   In other words what should the theme be?  any creativity out there?

BTW Pics are being posted on the over 60's board.

SHOW SOME SKIN LADIES!!!  ( pics from behind, showing your kitty and bung-hole )  Way Hot!!
I know one lady down there, that will knock your socks off, with her pretty kitty pics.
I know it's pretty, cause i licked it!!

How about wed? Theme " Ladies With Toys !!!

Yep..that's a good one also.
Ya wanna see some good toy vids?
Check out amsterdam69696's web-site..........she is WAY naughty!!

check out Amsterdam in person !!!

Check out that magizine she is in.

Sorry roadie. not trying to hijack your thread, i'm going back home now!!!

on a lil' business & it is very hard for me to access & enjoy if I'm not in my office. Selfish, huh? Yea -- I know !! LoL

Theme?? Hell, I don't know. Our comrades "lungman" & "mconnection" have both had great suggestions. Pretty kitties are "oh so pretty" & ladies with toys are OMG !!

My personal suggestion --- there has been a certain lady that has posted some very candid, intimate & spur of the moment pictures lately that have really made me appreciate her natural beauty more than her studio shots have which are on her website. Don't get me wrong --- the studio shots are sexy & erotic as hell. But those that are taken "here & now" by a camera phone in real time are sometimes very special. An example would be..........I don't know......let's say..... the shower........all wet, no make-up, just natural beauty. Now that's JUST just an example because krich hasn't seen any like that !!!!

So, my theme suggestion: "Camera Phone Intimates --- Here & Now" because we have seen these ladies awesome studio work.

If y'all would like I could post my Glamour Shots that I had taken last week. They are just awesome !! I l look like Joe Pesci & Mark Walberg w/ poofed up hair!! Ladies, these are hot !!!

OMG Candid toys???  I havent seen one of them around here.  You do know they are reading these and saying 'Do what?" rotfl

I have to admit that I never really liked the "candid camera" pics from cell phones because of some I have seen before.......thinking BP, City Vibe, etc. here. But a couple Carolina ladies have really changed my mind because the ones they posted were HOT !!!! Just a different look.

Then you throw in better get the chest paddles out !!!

Just in case they don't know what type of toy pics we are looking for, here, let me show you.
I hope SHE, doesn't me mind, borrowing her kitty pic!!
pm me, if ya wanna know who's kitty it is!!

I say that the theme should be:

Forfun's Freaky Friday
Anything goes:
Sexy underwear

I ma sorry,  there seems like something wrong in that name .   Cant put my foot on it.

OK....Wednesday would be great...gets you over the hump and anticipating a wonderful weekend. The suggestions on Kitties is magically delicious in my opinion and toys with kitties are even more delicious.

HOWEVER....I have not seen many kitty pics on here and wonder if some of our ladies are adverse to allowing their kitties out in public.

My suggestion for Wackin-Off Wednesday: Those little Naughty School girl outfits, you know....fishnets, mini plaid skirt, white button down tops undone, even a kitty shot from below in that outfit for those more daring........

Deny that any of the Carolina boys don't like that!

OK........maybe I'm just a I ?


Hmmm, kinda like this!!
I'm all for it!!

Wednesday would be great!  I am scheduled to arrive back from Moscow on Monday, so I should be at least partially recovered by then!

As for a theme, how about this..... How about a challenge to see who can get away with showing some skin in the most public place possible!  It could be as simple as your deck, or as risky as a crowded mall!  Ass shot, one boob out, up the skirt with no panties on a park bench.... you get the idea!  Let's see how many risk takers we have out there!

If I've gone too far here forgive me, it's 2:45 am here in Russia and I'm a bit delirious!


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