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O, Lord!  Found this article about a study  done(somewhere---Harvard??) in the newspaper yesterday written by M. Ritter of the AP.

"Guys, when your sweetie says "No Thanks!" to sex, do you knock back a few stiff drinks to feel better?
Turns out Fruit Flies do pretty much the same thing:-)

Sex deprived male fruit flies, after being rejected over and over by lady flies(couple days of this), and are then put in a vial that has the possibility of eating regular FF food, or partaking of alcohol-laced food, they consistently went for the alcohol to get plastered;P~~~ But when then put with females who were eager for their company and provided sex---their yen for the alcohol declined!"

WHOA!  Is this a new way to fight alcoholism??? Ladies it seems that it is up to you all to keep us guys from this wicked vice---Demon Rum---and as Taylor sings---"Just say, YES!"  Pretty please, I don't want to wind up in the gutter a drunken sot:))

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