how bout this with out thered_smile
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panties. lol  Or with them lol

Julie,, St Patty's day is Saturday..

Are we declaring tomorrow the big day in TER world?

Ladies, Let's have fun with this...
Gentlemen. I am open to suggestions, sencils,Jewels and any other creative help or helping hands

I volunteer to help in whatever way I can..!  I suggest if you cannot do the shamrock stencil, maybe some stick on little shamrocks around the edges..?  

and I suggest you not shave it off just yet.....

Irish. I have been working on my body painting skills. If that helps! I would also suggest a little extension of time, give us fella's a chance to visit and see the fruits of your labor.
I may have already committed my vote! Please forgive me ladies, it was a weak moment under pressure from a great pair of legs.


I want all of those who participate in the "sculpting" of the shamrock, that the full power of the shamrock cannot be experienced unless it is kissed!


Haven't had time to do it yet, so tomorrow is the day and I will post as soon as I can!  How did yours turn out?!!  LOL

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