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So suck it, bitch! I only posted that because I know you won't see it. Afterall, you must follow your own "warning."


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Debating between one of the strip club bars or one of the services. From what I can tell, there is about a $150.00 difference between the two.... is that about right?

Are the strip clubs actual strip clubs but with more available (do the girls strip naked? topless? not at all?)

How much time do you get?

Safety wise, what is TJ like these days?

Hard getting a cab back to the border at night?



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For your first visit, Adelita's Bar and Hong Kong, both in Zona Norte, a $4 cab ride from the border, will give you the flavor of Tj. HK has strip shows and "foam" shows, as well as girls who will sit with you, drink with you, and go to the hotel upstairs. Adelita's has the occasional dancer but is mostly there to pick from the available ladies, who pack the place regularly, and go upstairs for about $60plus $14 for the room. The escort services will send a girl to your room....Mexico Lindo Bar is excellent, CuminTJ has a good reputation, and Live Latin Angels used to be OK but has fallen on bad times.
Welcome to Tj, and please share your stories!!

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Looks like I might be able to take a trip next week, thunking abouy the hotel real del rio, anybody know how far that is from adelita's? What are your thoughts on driving into mexico, parking at the hotel, using cabs while there?

It would be about a $4 taxi libre ride to AB.  In the taxis outside of the hotel at least $6.  If you don't mind waiting in a line to get back to the US you will save money on parking by driving in. Parking is secure there.

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so it's okay/safe to drive from the border to the hotel? how about the hotel to the strip clubs? what is parking like in that area?

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What do you mean by safe?  Traffic collisions are the number one cause of death in the United States if I'm correct, so driving or riding in a car is somewhat dangerous, statistically.  I'm not sure what the statistics are on traffic fatalities in Mexico, but I imagine it's similar.

I would say that it depends on which strip clubs you plan to go to and which hotels you plan on staying in.  Parking in areas like the zona norte is absolutely horrendous.  There is a lot of dirt, trash, and the pavement resembles the surface of the moon.  There are some strip clubs that actually have their own parking like a real business should, but you haven't been too specific on location.  There are over 2.5 million people that live in Tijuana, so it's quite a large area.

Over 200,000 people cross the border at San Ysidro every day.  I'm not sure what you mean about the safety question.

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I'm not worried about driving in and to tijuana, per se, but with all the horror stories I have no idea what to expect. I've been to montreal and driving around, trying to make heads and tails of street signs in french, was no easy task; i assume mexico will be no diufferent. But what concerns me most is parking. When I ask if it's safe, I mean road conditions and even the possibility of attemted carjacking (probably a long shot I assume, but again, i've heard so many bad things).

Still, I'd much rather drive than take cabs.

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Well basically, the area in which you have interest in has some of the worst parking and road conditions in the entire central area of the city.  Tijuana is a rather sprawled out city with no real motorway apart from the 2 lane motorways that I compare to normal streets.

Car jacking is quite rare.  Car theft is popular, but if you have LoJack, it plugs in to the system for the municipal police in Tijuana and they can find your vehicle.

The bottom line is, Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world.  Those are facts but out by European and the United States governments.  If you can't read Spanish, I'm not sure what you're doing in Tijuana Mexico.  I am really also puzzled as to why you seek to go to the absolute worst part of town.

Sounds like you're asking for it, to me, mate.

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The reason why I want to go is two fold; I like a little adventure every now and then and CHEAP PUSSY.

I suspect the latter is the reason why every hobbyist goes to tijuana.

I realize it's not a safe place. I'm aware of all the warnings. If I go, I'm somewhat concerned about my safety (would probably limit my activities to day time, adventurous and stupid are two different things), but primarily I'm worried about damage my car, getting screwed with pricey cab rides and having no idea where I'm going.

I appreciate your feedback.

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The price is just about the same for what you get.  Half an hour in a dump hotel room with a drug addict who never finished grade school has about the same going rate in many places around the world.

People like to compare a high-class college educated knockout Los Angeles escort with an overweight drug addicted dropout in Tijuana and talk price.  Not a real fair comparison.

I always say you get what you pay for.  There are plenty of places in California to go and get some action for $80.  That doesn't count the people that buy refreshments for the women for an hour and then spend the $80 which makes it around $200-$250.  Again, for that price in Los Angeles, you can get a real knockout for about an hour in a nice incall location.

To each their own, but I see leaving California and going to Tijuana for women somewhat like leaving the promised land and coming straight to hell.  I would trade with you any day of the week to get the hell out of Tijuana.  This city is literally god forsaken and I've been here far far too long.

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Since you're so anti partying in tijuana, why are you even here. Just to warn others?

There's an escort service in TJ that advertises $160.00 an hour, where in the states dies ine go to find that? Let me know and I'm there.

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I'm not anti-partying in Tijuana.  Tijuana is larger than 3 square blocks.  This whole thread refers to those 3 square blocks.  There are plenty of places to go and things to do.

I hope that answers your questions.  In response to your second question, why don't you get on some classified sites and take a look?  You all want me to give you URLs and phone numbers.  Do your own research.

You act like an incall in Los Angeles or Irvine is over $1,000 or something to that effect.  It's not.

This link took me 5 seconds to find.  Good reviews, very attractive, $250.  Now take the $80 for room and all at one of those awful places and include the drink buying that 90% of people do.  What price do you get?  Is there a comparison?

Let's do it the escort way.  $150 for a good escort in Tijuana.  I've even had good ones for $100.  But if you live in California, look at the extra cost of parking, hotel, food, drink, travel time, opportunity cost, and safety risks.  Does it exceed $100?  I think it does.  Now LA is more economical if you live there.

Look, I'm not saying that there are no good prostitutes in Tijuana.  I'm saying that this shoty comparison of a $750/hour pornstar incall compared to a $40 street s&f is ludicrous.  Compare apples with apples.  If you live in California, then there is great great talent there.  Coming to Mexico is fine, if it suits you, but someone said "cheap pussy" was his main motivator.  I bet if we did the numbers he'd be surprised.

If you have any more questions, let me know.  If you want me to do more homework for you and find links, I will not.  Like I said earlier, do your own research.  It's not hard.  Took me 5 seconds to find this link.

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I wasn't actually asking for excort sites. I was being facetious. I didn't even check your link. Any thing found on backpage, cityvibe, craigslist, etc., is suspect.

There's is no agency that can offer $160.00 for an hour, not to mention the quality of the girls in question. That fact is undisputable. At 160, they're better than 1/3rd the average agency cost.

Your points about hotels doesn't really apply to me, I would only meet with an escort in hotel (no incalls, no company in my home) anyway, so that's a cost I already have to absorb.

Anyway, I do appreciate your feeback. If I go it's more for the adventure of a road trip to TJ.... getting laid (or blown) there is just a side benefit.

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I find it bloody hilarious how your opinion constitutes as fact simply for the mere reason that you say it does.

You didn't even check the link, yet you go on about making comparisons.  Check the link and let me know who in Tijuana looks like that.  You claim suspect, yet this particular person in this link already has 2 reviews here on TER.  I obviously would not recommend an independent ad that is not verified.  Many are verified real and a good value.

I hardly ever do business with agencies.  This isn't due to a rule, it's just the way the dice get thrown.  I have had good experiences with Eros Tijuana and find that the $100 price is on par with what is received.  Worth double the $80 jobs around town, I would say.  Most of the time I simply just get along with independents better.  They have their own transportation, they have their own telephone, they know how to operate a computer, answer emails, and run an ad.  Granted there may be many women who need an agency because they can't or won't do those things, which is fine, I just always find that the women I am curious about happen to be either independent or under contract with an agency that doesn't set their rules and charges a flat fee for the web space.

By the way mate, if Tijuana is your idea of adventure, I would question how much you've traveled.  I'm sure Nigeria and Iraq are "adventurous" as well.  Especially since most of your remarks involve a 3 block radius, I'd also be curious to know what you exactly do that doesn't involve the zona norte, the mall, or the handful of restaurants where clients take prostitutes out to eat at.  Or let me guess, street taco carts, banda music, and imitation Louis Vuitton are the real reasons you like Tijuana and the prostitutes in Zona Norte are just a side benefit, correct?  Name just one activity that is exclusive to Tijuana that people consider enjoyable and adventurous.  I won't hold my breathe for that one.

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blah, blah, blah, could you be more boring? I started fallisng asleep 1/2 way through your post. I've tried being polite to you, because you seem like a nice guy. but please allow for the fact that not everyone is as delicate as you. it's fun to slum sometimes. that's what a trip to tijuana (and the zona) would be for me.

i'm done with this little back and forth. take care, fraiser.

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For those of you out there wondering why yankees get treated poorly by the rest of the world, bookmark this post for reference.  It's very typical, unfortunately.

Stating opinion as fact and launching personal insults when the viewpoint is challenged.

I know now why you come to Tijuana.  The women in California probably can't stomach more than about 10 minutes of your behavior.

When I go to places in California and I speak to single women, many of them complain about American men and say they prefer foreign men.  I wonder why that is?  Could it have something to do with people like this that speak like this?

You fall right in to the stereotype mate.  It's actually quite sad.

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So suck it, bitch! I only posted that because I know you won't see it. Afterall, you must follow your own "warning."


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I would recommend parking in the US and walking across to be honest with you.

When I checked the link I attached, they said it was a 40 minute wait to drive across and a 5 minute delay to walk back into the US.  Who knows how accurate the times actually are.

And, if you get into say a sentre lane by mistake, which happened to a friend of mine, you get a nice little escort back into the lanes leading you back into Mexico and you get to start all over.

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Not really concerned with wait time at the border, satelite radio keeps me plenty entertained. If you see my post above, you'll see my main concerns. Just trying to get a sense what road conditions, parking and distances between the the area where adelitas, chicago bar and hong kong are, and the hotel i mentioned above is.

Speaking of distance, how close to one anther are the bars I listed above?


HK and CC are a block apart.  Most of the Zona bars are within one block....the whole Zona bar neighborhood is about 3 blocks....Zona Norte is much larger, but you won't be interested in anything else but the bars or sg's down there.

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I make a TJ run about once a month and this is my routine.  
Saturday:  Park my car at the Gateway which is right next to the Jack n Box by the trolley station.  Why anybody would drive to TJ is beyond me.  You need Mexican auto insurance which is not cheap.  The drivers in TJ are all graduates from the Kamikaze School of Driving.
Walk across the pedestrian bridge to TJ.  Take a $3.00 cab ride to the Pueblo Amigo Hotel and check in.  Take a siesta.  
Take cab. to Vittorio’s Restrorante Italiano have dinner.  Walk across the street to Amnesia strip club for a beer and some serious groping of the girls and maybe a lap dance to get my motor running.  If you are looking for anything more than a lap dance Amnesia is not the place.  I also use my Saturday night to scout for a plan “B” if my favorite doesn’t work out.
Take a cab to Hong Kong and maybe catch the foam lesbian show.  Then I go down the street to Adalitas to check in with my favorite to confirm our TLN for the next two nights.  This might be going out for dinner and a movie at the VIP Theater at Plaza Rios or maybe a bullfight. I go back to the Pueblo Amigo around 2:00am walk across parking lot to check out Boleros strip club.  All the bars have to close at 3:00am.
Sunday:  Total la noche starting around 6:00pm until 1:00pm.
Monday: same schedule as Sunday except we always hit the breakfast buffet at Pueblo Amigo.
Tuesday:  Hit the buffet and I’m at the pedestrian lane at the border.  Clear immigration and walk about 75 yards to retrieve my car and back in LA by 4:00pm
I’m not into the 30 min. at one of the love hotels.  I don’t like to be rushed.  I have found that getting the girl away from the zone to a nice hotel improves the service.  

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I drive in Tijuana because the public transportation is an absolute nightmare and is filthy.  Even the limousine service in most parts of the city leaves a lot to be desired.

Why anyone would call Pueblo Amigo a "nice hotel" is beyond me.

This itinerary confirms my earlier comments about common destinations being hotel - zona norte, perhaps plaza rio mall - restaurant where prostitutes frequent - hotel - end trip.  Why anyone would want to spend more than an hour with any of these women is also beyond me.  I suppose the people who don't speak Spanish have a distinct advantage because they don't have to listen to the idiotic comments in rapid succession like the rest of us do.  

I think this trip itinerary is probably the most common I've seen from people that come here for leisure.  What is disturbing is not the plans of the trip, but how repeating this trip makes someone some type of "expert" or "veteran" (as I've seen it called) when it comes a city where more than likely over 3 million people live.  A 10 square block area constitutes being an "expert" according to many.

Not only that, but visitors seem to come from a wide range of backgrounds.  How many Tijuana legal experts, or special forces commandos, ninjas, or high-powered "i know of a guy who says he is involved in international drug trade" people have I come into contact with?  Far, far too many, unfortunately.

Oh, and I don't know what "Total la noche" means.  Did you invent a new language?

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3dMan Adds,
First off Pueblo Amigo is a nice place they have gone through some remodeling which includes new flat screen TV’s.  The staff has always been extremely friendly and no problems bring ladies to the room.  

Public transportation may be filthy if you are riding a bus.  I have found the Libre Cabs to be OK.  Now you have to realize this is Tijuana and the standards here may not meet you expectations coming from the states.  
As far as spending more than an hour with a girl being a problem, maybe you are looking in the wrong places.  It is not difficult to find some great looking ladies that speak fairly good English and will provide you with great service.  

Repeat visits does not always make one an expert.  It will allow you to keep from wasting time on money in places that didn’t meet your expectations on your first or second visit.  The kind of places where you find drunks that claim to be “commandos, Ninjas and international drug dealers”.

By the way Plaza Rios is an upscale shopping center that rivals anything in the states.  It is not in the Zone of Tolerance and I have never seen “street girls” plying there trade there or in the surrounding restaurants. For that kind of action go to the Zona Norte.

Here is a little Spanish lesson.  “Total La Noche”  is a common term that means all night with a girl.  “Arriba” in a strip clubs means a “quickie” in the clubs up stairs hotel.
Any Gringo that comes to TJ or any other location in Mexico and expects the same style of life in the states should stay home.  I find that the difference is part of the charm of Mexico.  IMHO.

Kadjevic6236 reads

Lot of assumptions.  Let me respond.

I don't come from "the States".  I live in Tijuana and have lived here for years because my company has multiple business ventures in Northern Mexico.

Secondly, I'm European.  I'm not a "gringo".  Let's get that clear as quickly as possible.

And I don't need a Spanish lesson.  I speak Spanish fluently and speak French as well.  I can get by in Italian if necessary, and I'm working on my Chinese, but it's coming slow.

The word 'Total' in Spanish is completely mistranslated by you.  To say all night, one would say "toda la noche".  'Total' would be used if you were saying "En fin, las cosas fueron un disastre en total."  Or I could say "Eres un perdedor en total, carajo."  That would work also.

In response to your comment about "Any gringo that comes to TJ or any other location in Mexico and expects the same style of life in the states should stay home."  Well, Mexico is my home for the time being, has been for years, and will be for the foreseeable future, mate.  So I guess if I should bloody well stay home, then I'm in the right place, yeah?

Plaza Rio is an upscale shopping center?  Have you lost your wit?  I'm well aware of where Plaza Rio is located because we have several clients that rent out space there.  Did you know that the rents at Plaza Rio are all denominated in dollars?  Little tip you might could use in conversation when speaking to some of these women who you seem to enjoy spending hours with.

So basically, you've incorrectly assumed that I'm a yankee, that I don't speak Spanish, that I don't know where things are located, and what else?  Oh, that libre cabbies have nice vehicles.  I don't even want to know what kind of vehicle you drive, mate.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Well Tijuana is not Mexico, it is a dirty border town.  For the less discriminating it offers lots of passable hotels and the sex scene is much better than that in Southern California.

Some are caught up on appearance only and even then there are some nice choices out there.  There are a variety of hotels that offer a reasonable price, comfortable water pressure, and climate control in the room.  The Pueblo Amigo is of course one of them, but the shopping center has gone to the toilet with the closing of Senor Frogs and other stores in the area.

We Yankees like to say when dealt lemons, make lemonade.   Others like to say you can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit.  

Mate, you seem to enjoy pissing on Tijuana.  Sorry it will provide your home for the "foreseeable future".   I live here by choice and am enjoying lemonade. :)

Sometimes when you cannot find anything nice to say it is best to say nothing at all.  

I wish you the best in your business ventures and other interests.

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If Tijuana is not Mexico, when where is it?  That's like saying Los Angeles is not in the United States.  Simply ludicrous, but I suppose not everyone gets the benefit of a classical education.

Appearance is certainly a factor in someone's environment I'd say.  Would I rather be somewhere that is filthy with trash on the street, craters the size of my vehicle and a constant urine-like smell, or would I rather be some place beautiful with a nice fresh smell with no garbage on the sidewalk?  Well gee, let's think for a second...

I don't see how you choosing to live in Tijuana is an example of life dealing you lemons.  I'd say it's just more of an indication of your taste in where you like to live.  Some people like to live in dumps, and that's perfectly fine.  I'm sure there are a handful of hotel rooms in Calcutta that have climate control as well.  That doesn't mean that I think Calcutta is a nice place.

I don't enjoy pissing on Tijuana, but I do enjoy trying to figure out how other people think.  When asked my opinion, I give it.  If the topic comes up of California vs Tijuana, then I'll voice my opinion as well.  If this is uncomfortable to you, then I can recommend some other nice places where free speech is more controlled.  Cuba, North Korea, or Venezuela come to mind.  You might want to check those places out.

I think it's important for someone to speak their mind regardless if it's nice or not.  That's what public discussion is all about.

Tijuana not being Mexico, simply means that it is a not a good representation of the Country.  It is a border town after all and it tends to be full of the people recently deported and people trying to get across.  Yes it is within the boundaries of the Country.  

I sure made the choice to live here, but you however appear to have been assigned here.   You may find it more rewarding to go for the lemonade instead of finding all the faults.

You will find you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.  I can only hear you saying you are not interested in flies, but try to find the deeper meaning here mate.

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Well we can talk about other places if you want to, but it's all very similar in my opinion.  I've been to almost every major city in Mexico and been to a lot of rural areas as well.  There are some beautiful places that I do thoroughly enjoy, but at the end of the day, we're still talking about a third world country.

What's rewarding for me is doing the best job I can do at the moment and then attempt reassignment in some nicer place.  Working under these strenuous conditions looks very good career-wise, and the extra compensation is nice as well.  If Tijuana is such a magical place, why does my work compensate me extra for being here?  People in Sydney, Barcelona, or Tokyo do not get the extra incentive due to their geographic location.  Those of us in Tijuana, Mexico City, and Monterrey do get compensated more.  Wonder why that is?

I don't think there is a deeper meaning behind your analogies.  To be quite honest with you, it sounds like something I would read to a child out of some Winnie the Pooh book.  "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."  "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar."  Seriously, what in bloody hell is that all about, anyways?  Don't quit your day job.

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...he just proved it in his last dated post, LMAO!!!

Douchebag says what yadayoda?
He doesn't even have a drivers license!


yadayoda5231 reads

I don't have a driver's license? Where did you get that from? You're retarded, aren't you?

And douchebag says what? Really? Didn't people stop doing that like 15 years ago? Way to stay current, TJ_Retardo.

Thought you were telling people to ignore me. Can't do it, can you? You're obsessed. Following me from forum to forum. Total stalker. And about the biggest simpleton I've seen on this website. Which believe me, is saying a lot.

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