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ISO info on Tori,Layla,HavenLee and Tiara on LV Models Index
prince 1 Reviews 2080 reads

Any info on Tori, Layla, Haven Lee, or Tiara on Las Vegas Models Index?  These girls are really hot and I would appreciate any info on any one of them.

Haven Lee's going rate is $$$$1/2.  It is definetely her in the pics, but her services are far from oustanding.  She is a clockwatcher, discourages multiples, and does not allow for fingers or dining at the Y.  On the positive side, she does look really good, just like she does in her pics.  In my opinion, there are better independents out there.  As a hobbiest, you really need to balance the looks versus the service.  You decide.

Thanks for the info Spartacus, I will try her next time I'm in town.  I've always preferred to lean towards looks over service, and multiple hour appointments have always been my solution to clock watching.  I just wanted to know if the pictures of her and the others were for real, or were just an agency who would pull the old bait and switch routine.  Thanks again for the info.

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