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And there's always this one...teeth_smile

what would you like the men to be wearing when they show up at your door... or when you meet them at the pub prior to dinner ??

my favorite is my clown suit with balloons, flowers, and a three piece jazz band, but It's hard to choose between that and my speedo with my fat gut hanging over the waist band.... I have considered wearing my Darth Vader black Storm Trooper outfit complete with light sabre but that might be just a little over the top ?

what do y'all think ?

.. do you have any idea how long it takes to get that damned cod piece off ?

Nothing is more sexy than a crispy white collared shirt with khakis. And some Calvin Klein boxer briefs.
But please, gents, forego the flip flops if you have whack ass toes/toenails.
Can I get an Amen?

brstlvr103 reads

So I can leave my socks on???  YES!!!!!!

saturnsky183 reads

I love guys who use common sense and dress appropriately. Arriving in a speedo and some flip flops might draw attention.

I love it when a man makes an effort! Smelling nice is wonderful. An appropriate outfit for our outing, if we're enjoying public time together.

T-shirts? Ummmm... no. I don't care for them ever, unless we're going on a hike.

If we are going to a restaurant that has a dress code, the wife beater and jeans are not gonna do it my country boys ha ha. I don't much care what a guy wears but I am a sucker for a shirt and tie...MMM. Love me some Lawyers!

She is paying me. I am not cheap ether. I hate stuffy places like that. I will never understand over spending to be told how to dress and to be judge by people I am paying to serve me. In fact, I rather just skip a meal than eat at that ind of place. I guess it is my white trailer trash upbringing, I just don't see the appeal.

Now for a date I am paying for I will be wearing a non-white button down shirt, jeans, socks, white briefs, and casual shoes nearly every time. I will be clean, but in the end this is about me having a good time. I will have a better time in clothes I like to wear. But don't worry I am not taking anyone out to a place that has a dress code other than no ties allowed.


Actually, I own a closet full of ties.

Recently I impressed a gal by tieing my tie while we faced each other chatting after my session without a mirror to rely on and getting the ends perfectly even.

I think that made her hot.

(still not a lawyer)

What I where depends on day of pthe week (week day, week-end, holiday) summer, fall, winter, spring, etc. and if I am coming from work on week day or coming on week-end. This will determine business casual or casual, jeans, sweater, shorts, golf shirts, or T-shirt, etc.

Firm believer of dressing appropriate.

Go ahead fire away!

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