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Every night I write my love, before I start to talk about anything, I list ten reasons to be grateful.

So, here are ten in no particular order:

1.  Given the holiday this weekend, that brave soldiers have fought and died so that we can all enjoy the blessings of liberty.

2.  My family

3.  My job

4.  The wonderful gals who make me so happy.

5.  This wonderful site that allows us to come together.

6.  The nice weather to enjoy this day.

7.  Cookouts

8.  My hobby pals

9.  The internet

10. My health

Who else is up for this?

Money, health, and my family.

Also from time to time, I am truly grateful that my dick is perfectly functioning.

Also from time to time, I am truly grateful that my dick is perfectly functioning.

kmsl you have a lot to be grateful for!!

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And why bring Amber into your post? Are you afraid that she insulted your bosom buddy friends with her facial post?

I like the COF post.

I just think it would be better for all if we accenuated the postitive every now and then.

Sorry if you think that is sappy, but that's the way I feel about it.

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Especially when it is done by a hobbyist.

Yeah, with some of the weird stuff you are into I should have known that you were not relating to her COF post. My bad.

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Why the rudeness? Are you pissed that you didn't think of the topic first?

Remember... it's called... GENERAL DISCUSSION forum. If you don't like sappy topics... skip over them and move on. Rudeness is something that TER doesn't need on their forums.


Posted By: Big-Bad-John
Especially when it is done by a hobbyist.

Yeah, with some of the weird stuff you are into I should have known that you were not relating to her COF post. My bad.

fine with me.

If fish wants to post up his stuff...great

If BBJ (interesting how that acronym came from his name :D  wants to comment on that...wonderful

And you want to comment on BBJ making a comment about fish...terrific

And now I comment on you about all of the above...priceless :D

If this board goes back to the way it was with nothing but "sappy love song" strings...that will make some happy.

But I enjoy the banter amongst the inmates..and the more confrontational it is the more entertaining I find it.  But not all share that fascination...obviously!

my dream apt. on the beach! {nicest place I ever lived so far. }
that for first time today........... I had happy memories when thinking my father instead feeling sad and picturin the end--- how it went down. i actually had a slew of cool memories of fun times and him being his funny self. I am goin to i honor all mt deceased relatives work really hard and life a nice peaceful existance  and spoil myself just a little.
and mysilky terrier , he can getspoiled too,
grateful for really good food and coffee,
good people I ve met .
and old friends i still stay inn touch with after 26 years.
and big giant cocks.

where is LONDON when we really need her??

1, My wife- Without her I would not be who I am today.

2. My son- He brings purpose into my life and makes me smile each day, even when it hurts.

3. I am alive- It was in question I would live a year almost a year ago. I am gaining strength every day. I am thankful to have today to be alive.

4. My father- He does not approve of my wife and I choice in lifestyle but he still shows his love constantly and accepts us as we are.

5. My friends- They keep me sane.  

6. My freedoms- This land has many problems, yet we are still for the most part still free. I would like to salute those who fought and died to keep it that way.

7. My businesses- Even though I am not able to work full time at this time, they still support me. I am grateful for the great people that work their. I am grateful for those who do business with me. I owe them much.

8, For my doctor- He has went beyond the call of duty. He took time to talk to me about my fears and other things that bothered me. He cared and it made a difference.

9. Nature- I love to see the birds play or to watch a cat hunt or dear graze. The shade of a tree, the colors of a flower, the sound of a stream running down hill make my day.

10. The hardships in my life- They forged me into who I am and I like that person. They made me stronger. They gave me many of my blessings. They taught me humility and forgiveness. They taught me to endure. I am truly thankful for them, but at times I wish they would go away.

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These are what I love about life !

a pint of Ale, and the good health to enjoy them!

 Ride safe, happy & long!

I'm even tearing up over some, especially Scoed's.

And here I sit listening to a bird chrip too.

Just lovely.

I miss a good economy
I love my wife
I love my son
I love my daughter.
I love my dogs 3 of them 60 70 and 80 lb lap dogs.
I still love strip clubs even though i know the sure thing is providers most of the time.
I make the best pulled pork
Some of you think badly of me but if you met me I think you would not.
4th of july can be a good show.

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