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I've seen some major porn stars giving 200hr -e-
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Now, this has been a gripe of mines as of late. I just started buying pu$$y off backpage. Lol. It seems to me that many of the girls there are all about that money and not really trying to do anything for the prices they advertise. Recently, I've called a few girls on backpage to set something up and its basically been the same bs. They want me to give them like $150 for the hour or the half an hour and they don't want to do anything once you give them the money. One in particular was this low end porn star I hooked up with 2 weeks ago.

She came into town so I called her to inquire about her rates. She told me $150 for 1/2 hour and $200 for 1 full hour. I thought it was a little too steep for a low end porn star and also someone with new verifiable reviews anywhere. To make a long story short, I got to her apartment and she was telling me how $150 or $200 is not really enough for her to do anything. Bitch!!! Then, why are you advertising some prices that you are not trying to do anything for. Dumbass!!! Like someone wants to pay you $200 for you to just lay there.

I called another one today and she advertised on backpage for $75 for 15 minutes, $100 for 1/2 hour and $150 for the hour. I called her earlier today and told her I wanted to do the hour with her and would call her back later. Also, note I saw her picture on an escort site and it looks like she maybe works there and they usually charge $275 for the hour. I call back later today and she ask me how long I want to see her for. I say 30 minutes cause I just want to play it safe and try her out for the 1st time. I ask her to text me her details and she says ok and hangs up. No text, no pick up when I called her again. Why!!!! If your not trying to do anything for the money your advertising for, then stop putting those figures up on backpage. Dumbass!!!

And 2 other girls did the same thing to me earlier. Asking me how much money I have and how much I'm trying to spend. These tricks just looking for quick money and they think men are stupid. Word to the wise. Watch those hos posing as escorts on backpage. Alot of them are fake and just looking for quick money. They're not trying to do anything but lay there and take rod and leave.

When one keeps doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!

Head over to the newbie board and read up and learn.

And stop the insanity :D

And those gals on BP just love those guys...as the OP told us all about them.

Wanna bet he does it a few more times?

If I wanted to give you money, I would just send it to you. :)

Always do your homework and if it sounds too good to be true it is...95% of the time.  We all take a chance sometimes, but the great encounters are few and far between.  The boards are full of guys who TOFTT.  Of course, we all had many bad encounters before we learned about TER and the reviews. Even with TER it's YMMV but generally if you find someone with a good track record you'll have a good experience.

Good luck and good searching!

There is a small percentage that some BackPage providers will fufill your desires. A large majority of them are unprofessional, and only there to make a quick buck. Some use fake pictures, and some are ripoffs. I've even seen one provider posing as a female escort, but is actually a transsexual. Check the Maryland boards if you want to know more about it. Their services is lack luster.

Here is something you should do if you want to find good providers. Make sure she has reviews. Don't use BackPage as your only avenue for finding providers. Try Ero's, here on TER (TER regional ads), preferrred411, datecheck, or other reliable sites.

When you pay for these cheap dates, don't expect anything but a nut, and sometimes a migraine. These girls gotta see multiple guys to make a profit. Yes, some will average over ten clients per day if they are doing $60 or $80 specials. Some of these providers may support their drug habit, some have pimps, and, most importantly, most of them don't properly wash themselves before the session. I've met one provider in the past, and when I went down on her, and took a sniff, I almost passed out because the smell was unbearable. I've never smelt such a thing in my life, and this provider has exposed me to her stank pussy for the first time.

Anyhow, to succeed in this hobby, and have fun, and have your fantasies fulfilled. You need to spend at least $300 an hour for only well reviewed providers. It's kinda like buying a car. Yeah, I save money if I buy a $600-$1000 car, but, in the long term, that car have squirt oil in your face, produce gas out the exhaust system that will make somebody faint, the inside smells like shit and probably have dookie stains in it, and, it's not reliable. It's better if you save your money and buy a good car, something that is reliable, and you don't have to worry about it except keeping it properly maintenance.

You can still have fun in BackPage, but, only if the provider is well reviewed from BackPage. Have fun!

You are right about getting what you want for $300.00. Everytime an escorts asks for $300 plus, I know I have to expect some fucking. For that much money, an escort must be insane to offer anything else.  Recently I called up an escort on BP (I know, bad decision). The only reason why I called is her picture looked exactly like a girl who works in the bank I go to. I always found her attractive so I figured I will give it a shot. She asked for $300 so I did not inquire the services I will be getting. We communicated via text and I mentioned FS a couple of times. She finally arrived, took the money and told me it was a meet and greet fee. I will not be getting any service today. What the fuck!!!!!  This was the first for me.  I am usually very cautious and I have had two bad experiences in about 30 plus encounters.  $300 was always a safe bet. Apparently, our temporary companions are changing some of the rules.  You are 100% right about looking for good reviews and spending around $300 plus to guarentee satisfaction.  In my case, I fucked up and broke my own rules by not looking at reviews first. Anyway, I succeeded in retrieving most of the cash. She left with $100 and no service.

... getting burned the same way over and over again and on BP no less.

That was my question...who is the real dumb ass???? a porn star no matter how new or low on the totem pole is not going to even let you touch her for 200, how would you even believe that could happen, hell I won't let anyone touch me for that so somewhere you are missing the obvious.


...on BP!!  However,  they are the "diamonds in the rough!!" One has to read reviews & ask around!! My current ATF advertised on BP!! A hobbyist whom I trust, w/ his reviews, saw her & that was the tipping point for me!!

Posted By: kendradc2011
That was my question...who is the real dumb ass???? a porn star no matter how new or low on the totem pole is not going to even let you touch her for 200, how would you even believe that could happen, hell I won't let anyone touch me for that so somewhere you are missing the obvious.

rock star service for a hundred fifty bucks? Hmmm...I would not even show my tits at Mardi Gras for that. I do agree if they say they are going to do x for y amount, they should but without reviews and even with at times, it is a crap shoot.

You have VIP.  You've posted reviews.  Yet you still manage to find the worst possible providers, have the worst possible experiences, and continue to hunt Backpage for your dates.

You remind me of the guy who spends his entire workday hitting himself in the head with a hammer - the theory being that it feels so good when he stops.

Stay Thirsty, my friend.

Calm down people. Its just something I noticed since I started doing this. I used to always think the whole backpage and escort thing was fake but I wanted to try it out just to see what it was all about.  There are alot of fakes out there though. This thing is just funny to me. I wonder if some of the girls who post fake pics or give garbage know that they have reviews on this site. Does this site alert those girls that they have a review?  I've seen some girls on backpage obviously posting fake pics and have reviews stating that they're using fake pics, and it seems to not phase these girls. They still posting those same fake pics to this very day.

 Also, it doesn't really matter how much money you spend. You can also get shitty service for $300.  I've read  several reviews where guys paid $300 plus and the girl just layed there like a dead fish or they left with nothing more than a hand job. I go to backpage because I like that low mileage pu$$y. Those professional escorts with 50 plus reviews been ran through so many times I'm surprised they have any threading left in their pu$$y.  I can't get myself to pay for an escort who has like 3 pages of reviews. Those women just seem like they've been used up and worn out. Not my cup of tea.

Insanity is a plausible defense...However in your case

You appear to simply be ignorant of the obvious...There are other adjectives that correctly describe your condition.  My recommendation is look them all up.  And if you do that, why not spend some time on TER and learn how this little game is actually played.

Or just keep on doing what you're doing...you seem to be a masochist :)

We've discussed the fake pictures, you must have missed it. Some girls use pictures that resemble them but will not post their own because of family, kids, etc...

Its all about research...

Now you are really confused...low mileage, on BP, are you kidding me????????? If a girl is charging $50 for 15 minutes how many guys do you think she is seeing in a day ??? How is that low mileage, that is actually higher mileage than a professional who sees, 1 or 2 a day making it far less in a week. Our appointments are usually for longer time periods, 2,3,4 hours or all night. You are comparing apples to oranges here and getting a reverse conclusion.

The best providers I have seen are the one's with plenty of reviews, and they are sure not worn out or used up.  Just the contrary, they know how to treat a man and make him happy.  Granted, I don't pay as much as 300 all time, but I do my research, and have rarely been disappointed.  You can look for providers anywhere, as I have said many times, but do the research on her.


But, do you people actually believe that because a girl post a special for $50 on backpage, men will come running to their door.  I don't believe most of those girls on backpage get much work.  I don't think many people really study them.  Its impossible to say how many customers those girls who run $50 specials are getting. One really doesn't know, your just really assuming that because their price is so low that men are just running through them.  I've talked to many of the girls on backpage and many seem to be desperate for money. I don't think they get as much customers as most people think.

Anyone not doing their homework provider or hobbyist will get burned and burned bad. Backpage has some of the best ladies for a good price it also has plenty of cons, robbers, abused ladies, LE, crazies, and upsellers. And every site has those and the only way to avoid them is to do your homework. Study their add history. Read their reviews on this and other sites. Back-channel them and ask others who may have seen them what they are really like.

I don't care how many people the ladies I see, see as they are all high volume as far as STD are concerned. The CDC set that make at 6 a year. Every lady sees at least that many the sells it. But there is high and low traffic ladies on every site. Backpage is not exception. Anyone running $50 specials has poor business sense. Being too cheap scares customers as many are scams or upsellers at that price point.

Because the gals told you so.

Enjoy your playtime with those gals and keep on reviewing them.  Just don't come back here and bitch about one more gal...and how they can upsell, and not deliver, and whatever else you were babbling about.

In case no one has ever told you this...

You can't fix stupid...sorry :(

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