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Gasp...but that would qualify him for another point in the TER ratings system -eom-
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during my 1-2 hour session!!!
WTF?? Enough already!!
Is their ANYONE out there like me?
I meet her at the door, we kissed awhile, she sucked my dick, i ate her pussy...i climbed aboard, fucked her, got one nut, relaxed and left!!!  ( and, i liked it!! )  How about about some honesty here!!  Quit acting like your, "Johnny Wad Holmes"...it's not believable!

Clearly there are far too many reviewers who don't agree with that at all!

Are all of them making this shit up?

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Maybe you should get a job and write some yourself as opposed to 14,000 worthless posts.

Because your sorry ass was not in the rooms when the sessions took place, you are not exactly in a position to critique the reviews of others unless you were hiding in closets.

ahhhh, poor BBJ, their are plenty of reviews from other guys, for you to whack off to!!
But, if you run out of material for spanking your monkey, i will write a few more for your pleasure!
Stay tuned tomorrow for post # 14,001.

Pussy never asked for TER reviews before letting me in! Fucking was great by sneaking in without TER reviews.

bullet with 3 speeds...Ooooo, AHHhhhh, and OHYEAHHHHHHHH!!  :D

-- Modified on 5/24/2012 9:05:01 PM

...Ooooo, AHHhhhh, and OHSTOOOOORMMMM! ;)

She meant that she loves her toys!

And I'm really sorry to inform you...you're not one of them :(

You made me sad. I'm going to report your post ;)

But maybe if scoed reads this he'll feel bad enough to post a sweetie for us?

This Met-Art.com Photo should perk you right up then. It is of Jo A. and man do I like redheads.

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Now I can't report CPA's post because they will prune the thread and I lose scoed's picture:)
(I forgot what he said already anyway)

CPA apparently has a lot to learn about this woman.  ;)   A bullet/cock combo is THE best way to make me happy.  It's like a nuclear orgasm, for God's sake!

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I do seem to recall a discussion a while back that was suggesting that the Wand was the be all end all.

But a bullet/cock combo would be fun too...Just not PS's.  He isn't playing nice.

And if you don't watch your language young lady, I may have to ask MJ to get involved...and your "lipstick" won't save you from that love triangle!

And somehow I recall something about TENS...yea that would work nicely as well.

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if you can only pop 1 nut in an hour with a total hottie that is a nymph that's your problem. maybe med's would help! And I'm 54.

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