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Wish there were more open minded ladies like you EOMteeth_smile
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Ladies - If a regular client would approach you for MFF threesome how would you react? Lets say if a repeat client wants to spend an overnight appointment with you and wants to try something adventurous. So he decides to try a threesome and being the gentleman that he is, he wants to know your say in this rendezvous.

You have couple of choices here...

A. Let me call my girlfriend and see if she is available to come over...
B. Hop onto TER and choose the third lady with the client.
C. Let client choose by himself
D. Provide guidance to client as to type of women you like and let him make the call.
E. Go out to nightclub and see if a single, horny lady wants to join you.

Remember, this is the guy you are very much comfortable with and has been a great client of yours.

Anyone has some real life experience they care to share. I would love to make up stories, but  I don't have any experience.

Gents - Also feel free to chime in if you have any experience in this area..

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Disclaimer, I'm a newbie.

That said, it seems to me that chemistry is important. If she knows you well, I'd leave it in her more than capable hands or option A.

...for me personally that would be waste of time. Now, only if I were a little more blessed in the looks department.....

As a safer bet, I would go with D.

When I win the lottery you and your sister are #1 on my list. Wholly cow, you two are hot!!

the two sisters are more into me than each other.  But even then I think it would give me pause.  

That's what I love about this hobby.  Different strokes for different folks


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it does not matter how long i have known someone or how comfortable i am with them, or even how much i trust them...my sexuality is what it is, and i will never pretend otherwise. being kinsey 0 straight, i could never sexually engage with another woman. but let's say that no girl/girl activity had to take place, as some gents do desire that as well. i would still have to say no, because there would be no sexual intensity and arousal to override my germaphobia. the entire time i would obsess on what parts of his she touched with her mouth (or other moist parts) so that i would not touch those parts. it would not be a fun sexy time for anyone, so yeah, would have to say no.

Mistress Jessica!  That would have been such a HOT scene.

And Heather has said she want's to play now.

And she's coming to Chicago....how about you?

And I will absolutely cheat to win...I'm just that kind of guy!

And just for grins...how about some large rubber bands on the soles of your feet?  I hear that stings...but feels so good too :D

Ive actually had C before. It was a surprise gift to me (and him of course lol) by a VERY good client!

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My ATF (who is VERY Bi) and I decided that we wanted to invite another lady to join us on our next extended playdate so we actully posted a thread on a local TER Board looking for another Very Bi provider who wanted to play with us. We both looked at the responses and did a TER Search and finally decided on the lady that would meet both of our needs. I sent her an email and after working out the schedule details she will be joining my ATF and me for a few hours this weekend.

This will be the first three-way that I have done where neither the provder nor I know the third player.....I really am looking forward to seeing how this goes. Should be fun! ;-)

definitely A..sometimes C..a provider that is into threesomes will always have friends willing to play..if the two know and are into each other..you cannot help but have a good time..a threesome is sex turned up to the nth degree..every hobbyist should have at least one..if you dont you will never know what you are missing..they please you ..you please them..they please each other..it is a whirlwind of sex and pleasure..it can become addictive to the point you find one on one boring..a threesome is an adventure all unto its own..

I am a wild child with a fun who loves to push the limits at all times. We only live once so why not create memories out of each day. As a fully Bi provider, this would be an adventure I am used to that would only intrigue you more. I love strip clubs especially since we never know what might happen by the time we leave.  So if he asked me those questions, my answers would be

A. Do you have any pics of her. i know you have some nude ones.

B. I already got a couple in mind, lets see if they are available. You should see their pics.

C. I trust your judgement since you chose me, make sure she is ready for a wild trip.

D. I like them open minded and full of life. Big tits & ass is a plus ;-)

E. Its happy hour, lets go make another woman happy.

Whew I am so glad I have an open mind..

The limited number of us is what makes the excitement special.  The best part about having an open mind is meeting another male or female with the same. Its breathtaking.

Confusing right?  I'm not bisexual, as I can not see myself in a serious relationship with another woman, but I'm not bicurious either, because I'm not experimenting to see if I like being with women.

I already know I like to be with women, but not on an emotional level.  

So D.  I can give input, but in the end it's his fantasy.

has been with 2 agency girls. Both of them were great individually, but together, the whole fell short of the sum of parts. Both of them, of course, knew each other since they worked for the same agency, but chemistry was lacking.  

Make sure the chemistry is there when you do pop your threesome cherry!

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