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Guys use reviews to determine who to spend their hard earned $ on for time. Don't think . . .
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slambang would qualify.

U guys crack me up! Just the mere fact that this site & others like it are up & running shows the audacity & trivial mindset of the male ego & his best friend "DICK"! Im about to start a site for the providers where we rate u including posting of phone numbers! For the most part the better percentage of u are cheating and then  u still feel the need to rate ur provider but only under but are veiled in ur anonymous account names. Anyone who reads these things is crazy to believe them. Every girl is different with different people so if ur giving a bad review maybe the reason for her performance was u! maybe ur breath stank or u had b.o. or maybe ur personality sucked or ur flabby unfit self was a disgusting turn-off! u sit around like old ladies in a rumor mill surmising & discussing experiences u shouldnt even be sneaking around and doing. Its a man's world but it does NOT revolve around "DICK" it revolves around "PUSSY" and u should be happy & respectful of any pussy u get! Paid for or not, especially if ur a man who has taken vows!!!

I am not one to always stick up for the boys and you can read my other posts to confirm that, but you are obviously pissed that you got crappy reviews and you deserved them! It's not just ONE guy who said it but ALL your reviews, and these guys are not first time reviewers so they have no need to lie. You misrepresented your physical attributes, then you sucked in the sack. Oh freaking well...your threats make no difference to anyone and you will certainly be banned for your infantile bs I am sure. There ya go...your bad reviews will be gone and you can still rip guys off without a record of how bad you suck!

some of the things she is saying are true ( BO, Bad Breath, etc. )  That's why i will always be amazed at how you ladies do it. I would need several shots of a good stiff whiskey, if i were in a providers shoes.
I also know ladies that don't like the biz, but, still get excellent reviews.
So slambang, no one is twisting your arm, either run a good biz, or get out.

If you are that desperate for money that you have to see every guy who walks in the door, that is not anyone's fault even your own. I just think it's beyond stupid to come on a site and insult the venue that could be used to make you money and also the very hand that feeds you. If they are that bad, why did she go through with it to being with? Because she wanted the freaking cash! Get a side job. Hell bartenders make over 100 a day and a monkey can do that!

Slambang, if you were in my area, there is no way on this earth I would ever consider visiting you after the way you have blasted us guys in this post and your next one.  You got shitty reviews because you gave shitty service.  It kinda makes me wonder why the last guy even bothered to see you, I know I wouldn't have.  Maybe if you started appreciating the guys who come to see you instead of bashing them, you might get better clients.  From where I sit, it's no one's fault but your own, that you have such a bad attitude towards men.


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I will applaud her for not using an alias though ha ha. In this case, I probably would have.

You've had three reviews,
two with 4/5s (okay if you're drunk/avg looks) and
one 8/4 (good looking/just laid there).  
-great boobs
-good body (for age)
-decent bbbj
-great CJ

-distracting mole on lip
-crooked teeth
-bit out of shape
-Way overly chatty and scattered.  Maudlin pillow talk.  Way too much personal baggage information.  (This particular point is confirmed very nicely by your posts, BTW.)

I don't quite get how you chalk TER reviews up to politics.  The system is far from perfect, but at least it gives a clear and probably accurate picture in your case.  Plus, you could take points made in your reviews in a constructive way:  build on the positives; work to correct the negatives.  That kind of effort would take a positive outlook on your part.  You may not be up for it, but if you are:
-see a plastic surgeon about your mole
-quit smoking.  get smokeless electronic cigarettes if you have to.
-see an orthodontist
-get to the gym for a serious workout 3 times a week
-Last, but not least  .....  Learn to STFU

not get you many customers. They way you talk about men, and how nasty they are. Everything that was said is already said by the replies. Just save yourself the dignity, and move on. No one is looking forward to seeing after this. Even with your low reviews, this post has solidified who you are as a person.

Every job has its pros and cons. Not every job brings satisfaction to the person. Apparently, you have learned that providing is not as easy as you wanted it to be. It's time to find a new job, and move on.

wow. this is crazy. i understand that maybe a lot of guys that may contact you may not be guys you would be into, but that really isnt the guys problem. if you dont want to go through with it and give them your best, tell them no. otherwise, they are the one paying you, so suck that shit up and chill. i dont know you, and after reading this i NEVER will know you, but it sounds to me like youre the girl posting ads of 130 pound konckouts with dds and showing up as a 250 pounder with more gut than tit. relax and go get a job playing linebacker for some semi pro football team. they always need big, angry people

Hello Pot,

Kettle Calling!! Business Rule No.1: Never alienate your clientele!! You can go out of business in a short time Just sayin'

I wish you had posted this back in December or January so you could have experienced the "full TER experience".  Unfortunately you are getting the watered down version.

Listen...what you need to do is very simple.  Run your ads specifying that you're really 60+, have some unsightly facial features and are in pretty crappy physical shape.  Run some "specials" that some poor jackass will pay for and you might see an uptick in the phone calls.  There's always some poor sap out there that is willing to pay an old, fat and ugly broad something.

If that doesn't work, consider becoming a bouncer at your local lesbian bar where you'll fit right in (I apologize to those gals that are true lesbians, but she wouldn't last long at a male gay bar or heaven forbid, a hetero bar).  You'll be able to intimidate those folks with just a glance from you, and point the mole in their direction for added effect.

Good luck to you on starting that "tell all site".  FWIW my number is 555-867-5309 and tie it to my TER handle.  That way I know I can stay away from you and all the crazies you associate with.

but all those extensions are filed and now I had some time to pay attention to the boards.

And yep...a good old fashioned train wreck is always fun for awhile.  

But our heroine isn't playing along posting replies to the posts, so it looks pretty much a one-sided debate.

Too bad...it had some promise :)

No ownder she is MAD!

She obviously is NOT much of a "Provider" and that is by consensus!

Political? No. TER is good service=good reviews. Crappy service= crappy reviews. What scores you receive are what you yourself earned or warranted upon yourself. You are obviously not happy doing what you do & it  is reflected in your reviews. Those who do not truly enjoy some aspect of this life, besides the $, usually do not last too long.

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@slambang:   Puerile post, have you ever heard of constructive criticism...? Did you notice that London and Twas are trying to "help out"... ???
Listen, learn, improve and STFU.

@London: you are preaching in the wilderness...
Omg I love your tities!  sorry ma chérie that was inappropriate but every 52 seconds, we, guys have a sexual thought, I was just thinking out loud.

you can opt not to be reviewed if you wish..there are many providers that choose that way are are still successful

go for it,Im not sure too many people would visit your sight, or any girl you could round up to follow you

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new to TER per her comments, so maybe she just assumed it was taken down, doesn't know how to navigate to here, etc....

Call her out on the P&R board & give her the link to this thread or GD board. She would be a fun new poster to TER, lol....

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